“Error establishing a database connection”

If you see this message it’s because I haven’t gotten the blog setup completely debugged. I installed a bunch of plugin programs, like the one that displays recent comments, and at least one of these plugins (probably the comments plugin) is inefficient in its use of server resources. When it maxes out the number of concurrent database connections allowed by the hosting company, the blog software returns this error message. Obviously this is annoying, so I’m testing alternative plugins and should be able to solve the problem by experiment. But in the meantime you will continue to see these database-error messages occasionally, and especially when a lot of people are leaving comments at around the same time.

UPDATE (7:43 PM CST): I have disconnected the recent-comments plugin for the time being.

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  1. Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t pay much attention to the feeds when I moved the blog to WordPress, so we lost a feed and the URL changed on the other one. I’ll fix it.

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