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  1. Charmingly composed and informal. The size of the sunglasses and wall outlet in the background indicate surprisingly small scale. I presume the one on the left is an actual oil lamp — is it an antique? When does the wick on top get lit?

  2. It’s a semi-modern (last 150 years?) repro of a real antique. The top wick-holder is supposed to be detachable so that it can be used to light the other wicks. However, the maker of the lamp either did not intend for it to be used or did not understand how it was supposed to work, and so attached the top wick-holder to the rest of the lamp permanently, so it is useless. The lamp worked well, once I figured out that twisted strips of paper towel make good expedient wicks.

    The sunglasses are less than 150 years old.

  3. My mother collects menorahs, and has several oil-fueled ones. We have, on occasion used commercial wicks and olive oil, with good, slightly smelly results.

    I enjoy the last night the most. The sight of a menorah filled with brightly burning candles is strangely satisfying, giving a sense of completeness. Of course that is tempered by my wife’s belief that candles, when unattended, will leap from their perches and fly to the nearest combustible material.

  4. Yeah, the last night is enjoyable.

    I’m going to use oil lamps again. I didn’t notice much smell, and while the lamps do become sooty they are much less messy than candles are.

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