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  1. About 15 years ago I lived on Pine Island in Lee County, FL. The mosquito control people had several of these. At times they’d line them up 3 abreast and spray the width of the island just above treetop level, usually in the early morning when there was no wind. The houses would shake and people (especially newer residents) would run outside. Impressive! There was never any notice, and I was unable to ever get a photo despite living there several years. I believe they still use them.

  2. It’s hard to tell the difference between a DC 2 and a DC 3. They were both great airplanes. In Ernest Gann’s memoir about his early days as a pilot, he tells of a flight where they had severe icing conditions. As luck would have it, they were flying a DC 2 which would carry much more ice than the DC 3. The title of his book, and it is terrific, is Fate is the Hunter.

  3. That is a great book Mike. I remember his lessons 30 years after I read the book. Fate is the Hunter.

    I learned recently that a C-53 is a DC-3/C-47 with a strengthened floor for paratroopers.

    The plane was so aerodynamically stable that I remember reading of one all shot up and landing itself after the crew bailed out in WW2.

    They made lots of them in Santa Monica.

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