13 thoughts on “Police Attitudes: Compare and Contrast”

  1. The chief was reasonable but he probably didn’t have to get to work on I 24. As far as revenue generation, he is absolutely correct.

    Anybody who drives through Maryland should pay attention. They probably already notice the difference in gas prices which are about 50% more than in Virginia.

  2. Sucks to live in MD. I loved my visit to Manhattan but I would not want to live there. What would it take to be a private citizen owning a pistol in NYC?

  3. Not sure. I know that folks in the jewelry trade carry regularly. The last neighborhood I lived in NYC, in Brooklyn, nighttime gunfire was very common. So much so, that I moved our bed away from the window to avoid being strafed. New Years Eve is big night for artillery. In Mass, you could own a pistol, but walking around with it was a different story. A friend had a carry permit, but his connected father made a call to the local police chief to grease the tracks. I drive through Maryland at it’s narrowest point, thanks for the heads up.

  4. The comments to that Beretta post are interesting. Lots of knee jerk leftism. Manufacturing jobs are leaving blue states. MacDonalds is hiring, I hear.

  5. >>Manufacturing jobs are leaving blue states.

    Blue states are having a run of bad luck lately. People in Washington are angry and dumbfounded that Boeing has chosen to build the 787 in South Carolina. It might be a good strategy for Boeing to operate plants in several states so they can shift work as needed. When state or local governments think you’re stuck, they’ll find themselves under pressure to put you in a choke hold. When they know you have other options, they’ll be a lot more reasonable.

  6. As a WA state resident, I’m p*ssed about Boeing moving so much production out of state.

    But I’m not unhappy with the Boeing company about this at all; rather my attitude is pretty my “can you blame them?”

    No, my ire is reserved for all those fellow-Washingtonians who have made this place such a business-unfriendly place.

  7. @Kirk – from my vantage point – looking up at WA – it seems every time Boeing was on the verge of pushing Airbus into a corner – their union sees that as their advantage and strikes – so I can’t blame them and reading your post – I don’t think you can either

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