Superbowl XLI

I just left a house full of embittered Bears fan.

The Colts were favored. We all knew that. We were ready for the outcome.

It is not so much the fact that it happened, as the way it happened.

If they’ve got you on skills, you have to outmatch them on animal spirits, bloody-mindedness — and you have to not make a lot of mistakes.

But no.

And Manning only got grass and dirt on his helmet once … .

Congratulations to my Hoosier pals.

Chicago’s record cold temperatures are the headline on Drudge, which is metaphorically appropriate.

3 thoughts on “Superbowl XLI”

  1. As a neutral (ok, I did have $5 on the Bears to make the game interesting) observer, I have to say that was one of the sloppiest, ugly NFL games I’ve ever seen.

    It’s not so much the Colts won, as that both sides seemed intent on losing, and the Bears were simply more motivated to that end. My personal theory is that both teams were bribed to take a dive, and the bribers simply weren’t communicating.

    And how about that great CBS coverage? I’m glad I’ve got a big HDTV to enjoy all the Raindrops and fogging up of the camera lenses. I’m sure the network spent $50,000,000 on its broadcasting setup, but couldn’t be bothered to procure $50 camera hoods. On the plus side, the fogginess gave close-up reaction shots of Dungy a fantastical dreamlike quality.

    Oh, and Katie Couric. Yay!

    Also, after watching those commercials, did any other guys out there feel the need to watch Oprah, go shoe shopping, or, you know, visit a gynecologist for a checkup? I guess what I’m trying to say is that those ads were not really aimed at heterosexual men…

  2. The raindrops on the lenses were the best part of the game. It was like art cinema.

    The advertisements were, in anything, counterproductive. I am boycotting Snickers bars now.

    I think Katie Couric is cute, actually. She’s looking old, which appeals to me since I am too.

  3. My crew agreed completely on the Snickers ad. Perhaps worse was the Chevy truck spot with a mob of half-naked dudes making passionate group-love with an HHR. The naked cowboy should never make an appearance during the most holy of all man-holidays. I don’t think I’ll ever buy American again.

    The Emerald Nuts ad with Robert Goulet as an evil office gremlin was, however, totally and absolutely brilliant.

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