1 thought on “Robert Conquest Interview”

  1. The quote Jonathan refers to:

    In his most recent books, “Reflections on a Ravaged Century” and “The
    Dragons of Expectation,” he goes beyond the usual admonitions against
    Jacobinism and more recent totalitarian utopias, and argues for “the
    Anglosphere,” that historic arc of law, tradition and individual
    liberty that extends from Scotland to Australia and takes in the two
    largest multicultural democracies on the planet–the U.S. and India.

    There was a time when this might have seemed quixotic or even
    nostalgic (at least to me), but when one surveys the wreckage of other
    concepts, and the increasing difficulties of the only rival “model” in
    the form of the European Union (of which he was an early skeptic) the
    notion seems to have a future as well as a past. One very much feels,
    as one also very much hopes, that the same can be said of the Grand
    Old Man of Stanford.

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