7 thoughts on “Sunset in Chicago”

  1. The quality of pictures coming from cellular phones never ceases to amaze me, due to my years of taking photos from non-digital cameras.

  2. It’s hard to appreciate the scale of some these skyscrapers until you realize that the buildings at their feet are themselves tall buildings.

  3. I can never get over the impression of Chicago at dusk. I grew up in sight of a few of those buildings some way down the railroad tracks. Sometimes, seeing photos like these, I think of how one of those thin lines of streetlights leads off to my old neighborhood–admittedly not literally one of the ones in these photos here, but the poetic point stands.

  4. It’s a nice photo.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the camera is awful. The camera was much better on the S3 and S4 which were based on Sony technology. They have their own proprietary camera technology now which was supposed to be a big improvement, but it isn’t.
    Now that the iPhone has a big screen, I’m probably going to switch back to Apple.

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