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  • It’s a Small, Small Internet

    Posted by Shannon Love on March 9th, 2007 (All posts by )

    My daughter sent me the following email:

    i thought you’d like to know one of my co-workers was reading your blog and taking to me about it, without knowing who you or I were. Then yesterday your blog posting was sent to me on myspace. You’re all over the web and in the middle of the lancet study debate still. Just thought you would find it funny.

    My daughter works a part-time job in a pizza joint while going to school. She overheard the conversation by sheer coincidence. She said it was very disorienting. From her description, I imagine she felt like someone who travels to a faraway exotic locale, far off the beaten path, and bumps into a high-school classmate.

    It seems my 15 minutes of minor fame have not quite elapsed, even if that fame finds itself confined to the back-counter area of a pizza shop. I think some other group of leftist activists have done another study using the same flawed methodology and have come to the conclusion that American helicopter strikes have killed everyone in Eurasia or some such. Youngsters looking for that study seem to have stumbled over my critique of the original study. My daughter reports that the young employees of the pizza joint have all sagely concluded that I am an idiot.

    I cannot express to you how wounded I am not.

    [Note:Various Lancet Posts]


    6 Responses to “It’s a Small, Small Internet”

    1. zenpundit Says:

      Shannon, you are niche famous !

    2. Ginny Says:

      I assume your daughter’s workmates want see as their ultimate goal keeping the town weird.

    3. Shawn Says:

      You know you’ve made it when randoms come up to you and talk about your blog.

    4. bluhawkk Says:

      Has your daughter revealed your/her relationship? Reaction? Has she engage her co-workers in debate?
      BTW what side of the issue is your daughter?

    5. Shannon Love Says:


      BTW what side of the issue is your daughter?

      My son-in-law is in the Army and has literally been called a “baby killer” on at least a half a dozen occasions while in uniform in public so my daughter has a viscerally jaundiced view of anti-liberation munchins. She sees them for the intellectual lightweights they are. I like to think I can take some credit for that.
      In this particular case I think she just listened and laughed. Our family has always placed a great emphasis on not letting externalities interfere with work.

    6. zenpundit Says:

      “My son-in-law is in the Army and has literally been called a “baby killer” on at least a half a dozen occasions while in uniform in public”

      There are people in the world…well, I say ” people” but “moral cretins” is more apt…who go through life asking, begging really, complete strangers through words, gestures and movements, to punch them square in the face.