Lancet Letters Part II

Courtesy of Amac comes letters just published in Lancet concerning the Iraqi Mortality Survey. Stephen Apfelroth, Department of Pathology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine writes: In their Article on mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq (Nov 20, p 1857),1 Les Roberts and colleagues use several questionable sampling techniques that should have been … Read more

Lancet Letters

Below are two letters recently published in Lancet concerning the Iraqi Mortality Survey. I am going to post on the letters but I wanted to cache them here because the Lancet link system (1) requires registration and (2) is a bit wonky under the best of conditions and I want people to have easy access … Read more

Lancet Update

Via commenter AMac: Tim Lambert has a new post that responds to some of Shannon’s arguments and takes me to task. AMac himself posted this comment on Tim Lambert’s site, and I think summarizes well most of the important concerns about the Lancet piece. AMac is more cautious in his inferences than I would be, … Read more

A Challenge to Lancet Defenders

A lot of people have taken me to task for calling the Lancet Iraqi Mortality Survey [PDF] an example of scientific corruption. I still stand by this claim. Many seem to equate scientific corruption with falsification of data but there are many ways to create a false impression even if the underlying data is sound. … Read more