6 thoughts on “A Little Lizard Relief”

  1. Good thing he’s just chilling. When he starts trying to sell you car insurance that’s when he’s overstayed his welcome.

    Although, it looks like he’s getting a little too friendly with that bird.

  2. Great photo!, hope your garden thrives. The lizards hear-abouts live in constant danger of our resident Tabby. Anything smaller than a gray squirrel, it’s open season.

  3. All of our cats are indoors, Will – so the lizards thrive bounteously. All they need worry about is Sméagol the Semi-Feral, who belongs to someone else, but we put out a dish of kibble now and again because he hunts the nasty rats who mutilate my tomatoes and peppers.
    I think that Sgt. Mom’s Wild Kingdom has returned in quite a major way.

  4. He is better looking than the Geico Gecko – if there were any justice a hawk would swoop down on him and he’d be done with that annoying lizard.

    Is this one in your back yard? beautifulk color and keeps the bugs at bay

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