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  1. I took this on the way back to KC from the trip depicted here. It’s nice that DIA has turned out to be a good airport, given its origins in cronyism (unqualified friends of Federico Peña given key positions on the project; United Airlines demanding and getting a proviso that Stapleton be completely shut down in order to run Continental out — the media hullabaloo over the baggage-handling software was a smokescreen for corruption). To my eye, the contrast between the storm cloud and the white peaks of the terminal building was tremendously sharp, far greater than the (resized but otherwise undoctored) photo indicates.

  2. I have a couple pictures I took at DIA on the return leg of my trip to North Dakota.

    Of course, on the outbound leg, they managed to lose my luggage, along with the parts I needed to do the job I was going to ND to do in the first place. Next time I’m just fedex-ing them over beforehand.

  3. I’m going to sound like Cynthia Nixon in that Fresh Direct ad (“Tlc..what’s TLC? There was nothing in the recipe about TLC!”), but;
    What’s DIA?

  4. This is representative of the other pics I took passing through DIA on the way back.

    (I was disappointed in the place myself; I didn’t see any of
    the wierd sculptures or the reptoid base).

  5. Wonderful. Typepad’s “link” feature in their control panel isn’t a link to the file, it’s a link to a javascript thingey with the file link. It used to work the way you’d expect… now it doesn’t. I guess the reach of the reptoids has gotten very long.

    Anyway, corrected link.

  6. I was fortunate that the puddle-jumper (not really, just a smaller jet) I flew up there on from ELP had to pull up on the tarmac and deplane through a set of stairs rather than a jetway. So I got to stand outside for a minute. I just snapped the one pic. Seems like the impulsive ones turn out the best; if I’d had an hour to wander around, I probably wouldn’t have gotten one that good.

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