Bennett, Hannan, Howard to Speak at Magna Carta Event, LA

Looks like a good, and important, conference. Starts tomorrow.

“Among the 15 speakers are included Hon. John Howard, AC former prime minister of Australia, Hon. Rodney Hide, former New Zealand Minister of Local Government, Associate Minister of Commerce and Minister of Regulatory Reform; Hon. Daniel Hannan, UK Member of the European Parliament, representing South East England for the Conservative Party and internationally renown author James C. Bennett, entrepreneur and author of The Anglosphere Challenge (2007) and America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century (2013). “

2 thoughts on “Bennett, Hannan, Howard to Speak at Magna Carta Event, LA”

  1. It’s became fashionable to run down Magna Carta, but I think there’s a lot to admire in it. The most striking feature is that the nobles who wanted it adopted did not confine the rights it protected to their own class.

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