Take the Chicagoboyz Pledge!

[Trigger warning: The following material includes humor, cat videos and other concepts that may be triggering in sensitive individuals.]

In a spirit of fashionable Gleichschaltung, Chicagoboyz are committed to the following progressive principles:

-Not eating dogs and/or cats


-Not flying with cats unless such cats have given specific verbal consent at every stage of the pre-flight process

-Not selling Confederate-flag themed merchandise to dogs or cats.
just say no

Members of the Chicagoboyz community are encouraged to begin conversations to raise consciousness about these important issues.

7 thoughts on “Take the Chicagoboyz Pledge!”

  1. I like the line in the novel Hondo where he explains that he and “his” dog, Sam, spent a winter so long and cold that he almost ate the dog. That is pretty desperate unless you belong to an ethnic group that it is racist to name.

    The local expression was “As fast as a dog going through Garden Grove,” a local town in Orange County where an ethic group resides.

  2. While born and raised in this country, I have to admit that my family comes from South China. In Cantonese the word “Chow” means to use the cooking technique called “stir-frying”. In the old country, the words “chow dog” would refer to a menu item, and not a breed. :-)

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