7 thoughts on ““Seven Liberal Pieties Only the Right Still Believes””

  1. Goldman Sachs has notified employees that The term “wife” was insulting.

    A document provided to Breitbart News shows the investment banking behemoth Goldman Sachs has joined a long line of major corporations in putting pressure on employees to sign up for the cause of gay rights. And they have not-so-subtly let each employee know not signing up will be noted.

    Employees are being told “to help create an environment for open and honest dialogue.” The document notes descriptors such as “wife” and “boyfriend” are frowned upon, and “partner” is preferred. Not referring to your wife as your wife “offers up the opportunity for more inclusive conversations.”

    Goldman Sachs urges employees to “print and display your ally placard,” which implies the recalcitrant will be noticed.

    The document tells employees to “explore your personal beliefs, use inclusive language, avoid making assumptions by asking conscientious questions, increase your awareness about issues impacting the gay community, include LGBT issues in your everyday life, attend events that celebrate diversity and inclusion, and speak out against hurtful comments.”

    Goldman Sachs, of course, has been heavily involved in the Clinton and Obama administrations, as well as Bush’s Treasury Secretary.

  2. I wonder how the polling would go if those seven questions were put out. Is it worth a few thousand dollars to find out?

    Mike K – The story on Goldman Sachs has been corrected. The policy appears to be from JP Morgan Chase and they’ve updated it on Breitbart.

  3. Re: Goldman Sachs

    Our elite want their adultery, pedophilia, homosexuality, promiscuity, and polyandry and will go to any lengths to gratify their desires and have social approval of them.

    As a people we have abandoned over two thousand years of believing that restraining ourselves from gratifying our animal desires was the mark of civilization.

  4. ErisGuy…I doubt that JPM’s policy against the terms “wife” and “husband”, etc, was motivated by a desire of Jamie Dimon & co for more exotic sex lives….99% likely, it was motivated by a desire to suck up to (what they see as) the Zeitgeist in general, and to the Obama administration in particular.

    On the other hand, if you look at the *source* of this obsession with rewriting language, you will find much of it in the postmodern wing of the professoriate…and it’s probably fair to hypothesize that many of these people are indeed unhappy with their sex lives, as well as with other aspects of their lives.

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