“Dear Young Social Justice Warrior,”

From an open letter by Seth Barrett Tillman:

To sum up, if you decide to publish an article, and your article gives rise to a response or responses taking issue with your ideas, that is cause for genuine pride and congratulations, as most ideas are never even noticed. But, if instead, your reaction to such responses is to claim that you have been injured (i.e., your feelings are hurt because you have become aware that others see the world differently from you), then it seems to me that your purported injury is not meaningful or cognizable. If mere hurt feelings were a recognized injury, then no one could possibly disagree with anyone else, and all intellectual inquiry, in law and in other fields, would be at an end. You do see that, right? At a time when free speech is in decline all over the world, when free speech is threatened by government monitoring, by ever expanding legal liability, and by criminals who respond with violence to speech with which they disagree, are you sure you are on the right side of this issue? Exactly whose side are you on?

Worth reading in full.

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6 thoughts on ““Dear Young Social Justice Warrior,””

  1. What do these “Young SJWs” think they will do for a living ? Since the letter writer is in Ireland, perhaps the SJW is in Ireland or England. Such behavior is becoming common in higher education perhaps the article author expects an academic career where he/she will never have to face anyone with equal power to argue then point.

    The coming collapse of higher education may hold some surprises for such hopeful would-be academics.

  2. Karl Popper talked about falsifiability which is the ability of any statement or theory to be questioned and tested. If it can’t be potentially falsified then it isn’t a valid theory, so to prohibit debate automatically disqualifies any theory. Not only should this person be thankful their idea was noticed, but they should be glad that someone has taken up the necessary opposing role in the process of validation.

  3. SJW’s are the predictable result of the twin societal cancers of postmodernism and Critical Theory. The best way to excise them is to criticize their absurd immaturity and childish outlook with much gusto. Confront them at every opportunity and mock them. Get in their faces and punch back twice as hard, to coin a couple of phrases.

  4. All young people coming of age tend to be into social justice. It’s the old saw that the young are left wing and the old right wing and has some validity.

    That you lot find social justice amusing speaks volumes about what you think is important.

  5. “It’s the old saw that the young are left wing and the old right wing and has some validity.”

    I was too busy becoming an engineer and then a medical student. I do know a few of that persuasion but they came along after when they had parents who indulged them. I left home at 18 and never went back.

    “That you lot find social justice amusing speaks volumes about what you think is important.”

    Yes, we do think real things are important, as opposed to feelings that mean nothing.

    What have you accomplished in your life ?

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