Victory at Sea [Updated!]

Many thanks to Dan from Madison for his kind hospitality in inviting me to go fishing with him last week. I can tell you now that Dan is a very nice guy*, not to mention that he was willing to commit himself to spending six hours on a boat with a complete stranger**. He is also a great sportsman, as befits one of Madison’s foremost bloggers and Chicago Bears season-ticket holders.

What kindled Dan’s love affair with the sea? Nobody knows. But we cannot expect a man who keeps the works of Samuel Eliot Morison in his office to remain in Wisconsin forever. Kidding aside***, it was an excellent day and I hope that Dan enjoyed it as much as I did.

In parting I will offer some unsolicited advice: when Dan from Madison suggests that you bring Dramamine on a boat trip, listen to him.

The one that got away.

UPDATE: Dan has posted his impressions of the day. Check them out.

*Not once did he refer to me as a flatlander. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.

**Actually, we had a conversation on this point and agreed that the Internet makes it surprisingly easy to get a good read on people before you meet or do business with them. And Dan has now written a post on this subject that is worth reading.

***The part about Dan’s having Samuel Eliot Morison volumes in his office is, however, true.

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