Civil Wars everywhere in politics.

Tia Oso

At the “Netroots Nation Conference, while an illegal alien was interviewing Martin O’Malley, a Democrat candidate for president, the stage was invaded by a black convicted felon (embezzlement) named Tia Oso who protested when O’Malley said “All lives matter.”

Chanting, “What side are you on, my people, what side are you on?” and “Black lives matter,” the demonstrators moved to the front of the ballroom about 20 minutes into the event as Mr. O’Malley discussed proposed changes to Social Security. They remained there, heckling the candidates and posing questions, until organizers shut down the event, one of the centerpieces of the annual Netroots Nation conference.

The Democrats are going to have serious problems with the black activist movement.

The black radicals even plan to dig up the remains of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, law or no law. This sort of lunatic behavior is going to discredit this stuff pretty soon.

Of course the Connecticut Democrat State Central Committee voted to remove the names Jefferson and Jackson from their annual celebration, so the black radicals not that much more crazy.

Connecticut state Democrats voted Wednesday to remove the names of former presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from their annual fundraising dinner, reportedly because of their ties to slavery.

According to the Hartford Courant, it only took two minutes for the Connecticut Democrat State Central Committee to unanimously pass a resolution stripping both names from the title of the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner.

Party Chairman Nick Balletto proposed the change. He told the Daily Caller the decision, which apparently came under pressure from the NAACP, was about party identity.

Yup, the lunacy continues.

Richard Fernandez, as usual, has good insight into what this means.

The rich white guys want gay marriage, environmental zoning, immigration, crony capitalism and arugula. Trouble is, if you give these things to the white liberals, it will starve and disgust the black base. The conflict is illustrated in the a quote cited the Washington Post article.

“We’re going to transform the economics in America so that we create millions of decent-paying jobs,” said Sanders in the clip. “We’re going to make tuition at public colleges free.”

“Jobs and college don’t stop the police from killing me!” said a woman in the crowd, audible in the room but not on official videos of the event. “Jobs and college don’t stop the police from killing me!”

The Big Tent was collection of naturally antipathetic interest groups held together by the prospect of other people’s money.

The Democrats are playing a zero sum game. “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

However, the Republicans may face a somewhat similar revolt over a plan by the Chamber of Commerce to go after conservatives, in primaries over their opposition to some Chamber priorities.

“The fact that there are still members of the Republican House that are obstructionist, isolationists that would be willing to shut down the government only reinforces that the Chamber and the business community, for that matter, will double down on this winning formula,” Caldeira said. “I believe they are going to continue to be involved early in candidate recruitment to find candidates that have the willingness to run, the courage to govern once they get to D.C., and hopefully work in a bipartisan manner to get things done.”

Cruz let McConnell have it with both barrels.

McConnell lied to the entire Republican conference. Cruz’s speech stemmed from how McConnell—despite telling the entire GOP conference there was no such secret deal with the Democrats during the Obamatrade process to later bring up Ex-Im reauthorization—actually did cut a deal with Democrats, specifically Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)

Read the code between the words. “We will support Democrats to get what we want.” What do they want ?

Maybe unlimited immigration ? They got the ex-im bank reauthorization. Now what ?

For decades its leadership could talk conservative and vote Democrat. Now it’s time to fish or cut bait. Politicians who could formerly sit on the fence are finding it transformed into a 12 foot slide made of razor blades, otherwise known as Donald Trump, who has now taken to wearing white golf shoes and a matching baseball cap on the campaign trail.

Liberal politics is like a robot that’s blown a fuse. President Obama illustrated the liberal bipolar disorder by exhorting Kenya to shift to solar power, almost as if his Democrat white half were reflexively talking to his black half.

Milo Yiannopolulos of Breitbart argues that the coming years will see everyone set against everyone else and attributes it to identity politics being carried to is logical conclusion.

Since the 1970s, social psychologists have been aware that emphasising differences between groups leads to mistrust and hostility. In a series of landmark experiments, the psychologist Henri Tajfel found that even wearing different-coloured shirts was enough for groups to begin displaying signs of mistrust.

So guess what happens when you tell everyone that their worth, their ability, their right to speak on certain subjects and – shudder – their “privilege” is based on what they were born with, rather than any choices they’ve made or who they are?

Republicans have to deal with the “Donor Class” who want unlimited immigration and crony capitalism (also known as fascism). Democrats have to buy off two competing interest groups as the country goes broke.

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  1. I suppose next they’ll be digging up Robert Byrd’s body and dumping it onto anyone who wants it. I would try to tell them Woodrow Wilson should be their real focus but I doubt any of the numbskulls would get it.

  2. The Progressives’ War On History is starting to remind me of ISIS smashing up statues and museums. Symbols and totems must be abolished in order to supress independent thinking.

  3. A good column today on the “Radical Middle” which is about the similarity between Trump and Perot.

    Well, here we are again, at the beginning of a presidential campaign in which the Republican Party, having lost its hold on the radical middle, is terrified of the electoral consequences. The supporters of Reagan and Perot, of Gingrich and Pat Buchanan, have found another aging billionaire in whom to place their fears and anxieties, their nostalgia and love of country, their disgust with the political and cultural elite, their trepidation at what our nation is becoming.

  4. Recruit and run committeemen throughout the land and get them to make mini-media companies to inform voters in their districts. Media problem solved. Chamber of Commerce problem greatly mitigated. Doing that strategy craters the cost of campaigns and thus removes the need for the Chamber’s money to win elections.

    Is there even a list of all electoral districts nationwide out in the wild? We need it.

  5. This is all small potatoes.

    The real power of the Democratic Party is held by Jews and homosexuals.

    The mob can easily be contained by bribing their leaders.

    If anything, the mob noise is useful to fool people that the Dem party is about the people and the ‘oppressed’.

    Besides, via Section 8, urban Dem elites are gonna ship the blacks to the suburbs and small towns.

  6. Of course The Connecticut Legislature voted to remove the names Jefferson and Jackson from their annual celebration…

    ‘Twasn’t the Leg, but the Democrat State Central Committee. From the link:

    According to the Hartford Courant, it only took two minutes for the Connecticut Democrat State Central Committee to unanimously pass a resolution stripping both names from the title of the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner.

    Poor Connecticut, taken over by the Nutroots. But then Connecticut was the home of the Dodds, the father-son team of corrupt Senators, so the worm was always in the apple. Chris Dodd’s cousin was in my sister’s high school class- and one of my gym classes. “His famous uncle,” said the high school yearbook. Had Chris Dodd’s cousin graduated several years later, the yearbook could have written “His infamous uncle.” But I doubt that such a mean remark would have been put in a yearbook. My hometown further shares in the shame, as two of my hometown peers have served as State Commissioners in that malfeasance known as the Connecticut State Government. Some use shorter words of the four letter variety to describe that entity. One of my sister’s classmates, returned to retirement to our hometown, complained to me about how inefficient the CT Motor Vehicle Department was compared to the counterpart his daughter experienced in North Carolina. The Backwards South versus Advanced New England, doncha’ know?

    Boss Bailey was instrumental in JFK’s election campaign, or so the CT narrative has gone.

  7. What’s really pathetic is the 9-11 conspiricists who simultaneously believe Mossad was behind it but are also thankful bin laden taught the imperialist US a lesson. They live in alternate realities in order to entertain all their hatreds.

  8. “Besides, via Section 8, urban Dem elites are gonna ship the blacks to the suburbs and small towns.”

    Well gosh. Here I go smearing crazy on the internet again, but this seems like a rather pithy summation of the goal for Barry’s new rules for suburbs, requiring each city to have the proper ethnic balance as defined by the social justice warriors of the federal government.

    Somehow I suspect this will require the people who didn’t vote for Barry to expend money doing nice things for the people who did, which will very likely result in wealth being transferred from people of a certain ethnicity generally not approving of Barry, to people of another ethnicity who generally do.

    I’m sorry if that sounds harsh or racist but I’m tired of being supposed to pretend the social justice warriors have nothing but goodness in their hearts, requiring me to approve of their every action, because they care(tm).

    They don’t care, really, or understand. They advocate policies that sound good when repeated in a classroom or government office- but will as Mike K says will start Civil Wars everywhere in politics, if they haven’t already.

    Interesting times…

  9. This sort of lunatic behavior is going to discredit this stuff pretty soon.

    Why should now be different than yesterday?

    No lunatic behavior of Left has discredited the Left in the past. At best lunatic behavior slows the adoption of the Left’s program by a few years, the lunacy becomes law and everyone must become a lunatic.

    This is an extension of award-winning debate tactics from college debate to politics.

    What’s with the anti-Semites showing up?

  10. Is there anything Jews can’t do? Not voting Dem would be a good start. I’m Jewish myself, but have no plausible explanation of their voting.

  11. Perhaps these new policies explain the shipping Somalis to – well, small beef packing towns in Nebraska and apparently up closer to the Canadian border. I’ve always wondered what the motive was – I guess it was to all help us become a better and more diversified (therefore moral?) people.

  12. Yes, yes. Lewiston, ME. Always been a tough town. Bet the Maineacs are wishing the feds had sent them some Jews instead.

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