Minor Aggregation – 1

Lowering the level of Chicagoboyz discourse:

I’m not all that sure that Paris Hilton needs to fear the fate worse than death. Surely the average Hoosegow Honey at Iowahawk is more attractive – or at least seems to have something going on behind her eyes. That it is plotting forgeries and thefts still seems more bewitching than the absolute vacuity of Hilton’s stare. Speaking of Iowahawk, his series of letters to newspaper subscribers starting in 1957 and ending with a rather lovely & contemporary blackmail note catches a certain change in tone with which some of us are unhappily familiar.

4 thoughts on “Minor Aggregation – 1”

  1. It could be that what Jonathan describes (rightly) as Midwestern humor doesn’t travel well. Still, Iowahawk is the master of whatever it is. The one I like the best is “Seething Midwest Explodes Over Lombardi Cartoons”, though the series of posts from Zarkman about the problems of running a terrorist campaign can be good; I thought he jumped the shark with “Hazardous Dukes”, which is the Dukes of Hazard directed by Ingmar Bergman; still it has its moments.

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