6 thoughts on “American Criminals in Cuba”

  1. why not deputize Michael Moore so that on his nexzt trip he can bring back those wanted in the U.S. who are safvely ensconced in Cuba?

  2. A God-awful life these people have been leading and serves them right. I wonder how many of them would have preferred an American prison.

  3. How many of them have decided to return home and face justice rather than remain in Cuba? I think some have but clearly many have not. While life in Cuba is undoubtedly grim, I suspect that the likelihood of spending years in prison as the cost of returning to the USA becomes decreasingly attractive to these people as they grow old.

  4. Would the Cuban government allow them out? I recall accounts by people who met Burgess and/or Maclean in Moscow. They were miserable as all hell but could not leave for the reasons you mention and because they would not have been allowed out.

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