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  • American Criminals in Cuba

    Posted by Jonathan on May 20th, 2007 (All posts by )

    Kesher Talk links to an IHT article about American fugitives who are sheltered by the Cuban regime.

    (via Tatyana)

    (Cross posted at 26th Parallel.)


    6 Responses to “American Criminals in Cuba”

    1. david still Says:

      why not deputize Michael Moore so that on his nexzt trip he can bring back those wanted in the U.S. who are safvely ensconced in Cuba?

    2. Tatyana Says:

      Oh, but in his mind this woman, f.ex., is not a terrorist – she’s freedom fighter.

    3. Helen Says:

      A God-awful life these people have been leading and serves them right. I wonder how many of them would have preferred an American prison.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      How many of them have decided to return home and face justice rather than remain in Cuba? I think some have but clearly many have not. While life in Cuba is undoubtedly grim, I suspect that the likelihood of spending years in prison as the cost of returning to the USA becomes decreasingly attractive to these people as they grow old.

    5. Helen Says:

      Would the Cuban government allow them out? I recall accounts by people who met Burgess and/or Maclean in Moscow. They were miserable as all hell but could not leave for the reasons you mention and because they would not have been allowed out.

    6. Jonathan Says:

      Good question.