Memo to John Edwards

“But what this global war on terror bumper sticker — political slogan, that’s all it is, all it’s ever been — was intended to do was for George Bush to use it to justify everything he does: the ongoing war in Iraq, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, spying on Americans, torture.” — John Edwards, June 3, 2007

Perhaps Mr. Edwards did not receive the prior series of memos:

World Trade Center, 1993

Khobar Towers, 1996

USS Cole, 2000

World Trade Center, 2001

London, 2005

Better check your in-box more often, Mr. Edwards.

6 thoughts on “Memo to John Edwards”

  1. Hey Mitch, think I’ll print those up and glue them to the back door of my Escalade. The Treachery of Images indeed…

  2. “Terror” is real and everyone agrees with that. “The War on Terror” is a stupid phrase constructed by the same people that brought you “No Child Left Behind”, which has lead to lower test scores and “The Clean Air Act”, which has lead to more pollution. Those of us who want to see Obama bin Laden stretched from a rope should NOT condone the bull going on in Iraq just so we seem patriotic.
    Pull out of Iraq, put 500,000 troops into Afghanistan and catch the murdering bastard. AND, learn from what happened that permanent bases in Islamic countries will lead to more 9/11s.

  3. Robert,

    Everything politicians say constitutes stupid jingo-ism designed to motivate under-educated morons to vote for them based on their stated intention, not the probable outcome of their intentions. I’m assuming that you take a similarly dim view of John Edward’s “two Americas” jargon? I’m also assuming that you have some readily available evidence that you will share with us showing that the Clean Air Act has increased polution and No Child Left Behind has lowered test scores. This is the first I’m hearing either of these claims.

    To focus singularly on Osama Bin Laden is so myopic that it is almost not worth replying to. If your goal is retribution for 9/11, then you’ll achieve it by hanging him. But if your goal is to fight the growing fascism in the Middle East which leads to more Osamas and more 9/11’s, then your thinking is incredibly sophomoric.

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