Photography News

Item 1: Microsoft’s new photo-search technology looks like a big deal.


Item 2: This is great. A guy puts a small digital camera, cleverly modified to take photos at one-minute intervals for 48 hours, on his cat. The cat wanders off and returns with photos of all kinds of things his owner never knew were going on.

A cat is perfect for this experiment, because it is big enough and has a wide enough range of behavior for its travels to be interesting, yet also small enough that it can be allowed to roam. I assume it’s only a matter of time before people start putting cameras on birds and even smaller animals.

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  1. I loved the cat-photo-journal! Confirmed my suspicions that they spend their day much like we do; hanging out with the guys, watching chicks, farting around under the car (a lot, I see!), and wandering around.

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