Share Your Juror Narratives — A Bleg

My new site, Jury Experiences, is up and running. The main idea behind the site is to create a central forum for juror narratives and related discussions. The site needs more user-generated content!

If you’ve ever served as a trial juror and are at all interested in writing about your experiences, and have not yet done so, please consider contributing a post to the Jury Experiences discussion forum. (If you want to post to the forum you will have to register first, but this is quick and easy to do.)


UPDATE: A commenter points out that the Jury Experiences forum registration system is a hassle that discourages reader participation. I agree entirely. I think the forum paradigm is inappropriate for many potential contributors for this reason, and am considering easier alternatives. Suggestions are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Share Your Juror Narratives — A Bleg”

  1. Would you consider _not_ requiring registration to post? It is a hassle (that chicagoboyz doesn’t require) and it makes it easier to be anonymous. I am generally non-anonymous on the ‘net but in this case I would be. Any full story of Jury selection necessarily involved questions about family , personal history, etc.

  2. Would you consider _not_ requiring registration to post?

    You don’t have to register. You can email your jury experience to me at info at juryexperiences dot org and I’ll post it for you. You are welcome to do this anonymously, though your computer’s IP address will unavoidably show up in the email headers (you can use a public computer if this concerns you).

    You are right about the hassle. For this reason I hate to impose a registration system. The main point of it is to get contributors to agree to a disclaimer (mainly that they won’t post while on jury duty and won’t sue me), but there may be a better way to do it. Any suggestions?

  3. Sorry about that, ArtD0dger. Of course I want your post. I removed the maximum-characters-per-post limit from the forum settings. Please try again and let me know if you have any more difficulties.

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