Is Obama Losing It ?

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Barack Obama is the least accomplished person to be elected president in American History. His “accomplishments” in office include spending trillions of dollars on worthless energy boondoggles and introducing a health plan that is collapsing under its own contradictions. The plan was sold, sort of, to the American people with lies like, “If you like your health plan you can keep it” and others similar in misdirection.

His initiatives in foreign policy included a “Reset” with Russia, now long gone. He supported a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt after removing support for a long term US ally in Mubarek. He has presided over a ridiculous nuclear proliferation plan with US enemy Iran that is already collapsing. He abandoned Iraq only to see the appearance and growth of ISIS, a worse manifestation of the Sunni revolt ended by George Bush with the Surge.

The list of Obama’s failures is long and distinguished. The question now is, is he losing his mind ?

Is it now time to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment?

Has our president officially lost his ability to discharge the powers and duties of his office?

Anyone who listened to President Obama speak to reporters in Paris on Tuesday would reasonably conclude it is high time to start drawing up the papers to transmit to Congress for his removal.

If you are one of the millions and millions of literate Americans out there who have simply tuned this president out the past three or four years, that is certainly understandable. But if you tuned in to the long, rambling, empty press conference, you would have been truly alarmed.

Without the use of the teleprompter, his speech can be described only as “halting.” It was impossible to count the number of times he seized up, able to deaden the silence with only a drawn-out “uh,” “um” or “ahhh.”

I tried to find an embeddable video of that speech but there is not one available.

It took the doddering president 47 minutes and over 5,000 words to answer just six questions. And by “answer,” I simply mean he unspooled a torrent of disjointed words and broken sentences.

Part of the looniness of it all stemmed from the giant scam he and other world leaders are trying to put over on advanced countries, punishing them for their industriousness by redistributing billions and billions of dollars from hardworking American taxpayers and handing it over to tin-pot dictators in disheveled Third World countries.

“You go down to Miami, and when it’s flooding at high tide on a sunny day fish are swimming through the middle of the streets,” he said at one point. As if this were some kind of evidence that high tides or flooding are somehow caused by global warming.

Never mind that a) the argument makes no sense; and b) local media refuted the canard.

But President Obama’s fevers went well beyond global warming hysteria.

Asked about the “mass shooting” where a nut job shot three people at a Colorado abortion clinic, President Obama once again became exasperated with the American people.

“I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings: This just doesn’t happen in other countries.

He actually said this. In Paris. Not three weeks after gunmen mowed down 129 people enjoying freedom in the French capital.

What is going on ?

I think Al Gore went psychotic after losing the 2000 election. Before the election, I considered him approximately the equal of George Bush, who I was not that impressed with. I supported McCain in 2000. After the election, Gore got weird, not just in his fixation on climate “change” which predated the election and seemed a relatively harmless delusion shared by many. Until the revelations of the UEA emails and computer comments, I was just skeptical. Gore’s wife left him and he just got more and more strange.

Narcissistic personalities need feeding with some semblance of success. Looking at Donald Trump and his wild boasting shows one example but he has made billions in real estate and that must support his self love.

What is happening with Obama ? He came from nowhere and was given almost everything he accomplished with little effort on his own part. He did not even work to pass legislation that he is credited with.

Several months before Obama announced his U.S. Senate bid, Jones called his old friend Cliff Kelley, a former Chicago alderman who now hosts the city’s most popular black call-in radio ­program.

I called Kelley last week and he recollected the private conversation as follows:

“He said, ‘Cliff, I’m gonna make me a U.S. Senator.’”

“Oh, you are? Who might that be?”

“Barack Obama.”

Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

None of this was his doing. It was handed to him.

Objections to his policies are met with accusations of racism by his supporters. I see very few examples of serious debate on his policy.

Now everything is collapsing. His “Climate” initiative is a fake and almost everyone knows it.

What next ? It is worrisome.

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  1. Losing what, his pension? Not a chance. He got game, and we’re it. An exercise in deception, confusion and chaos. It was designed to fail. In the near future, as the next contestant struggles with the unenviable task of attempting to stitch civilization together again, he and his acolytes will shrug and mug, “we tried to bring change, they opposed us”

  2. Will, that is certainly one way to see it. Time will tell. I am concerned. I don’t think we have seen anything like this man in our history.

    Aaron Burr is the closest I can think of and he seems more like Hillary.

  3. If I may beg your indulgence, this topic came up on INSTAPUNDIT this morning, and there was a discussion of the role of Paragraph 4 of the 25th Amendment.

    It is poor form to quote oneself, but I never have been considered a “nice” person. So if I may repeat what I said there [if you want, delete this post].

    1) Invoking the 25th Amendment would involve either Emperor Buraq Hussein declaring himself incompetent [he is, but will never admit it] or “Joey the Groper” declaring Obama incompetent and by extension that Joey was either not incompetent or at least less incompetent than the Emperor. That does not pass the laugh test on multiple levels.

    2) A majority of the members of the Cabinet, the same Cabinet whose meetings resemble the Star Wars Cantina, whose collective IQ approaches absolute zero, and whose list of felonies would require IBM’s “Big Blue” to tabulate; would have to concur. Both 1) and 2), if done against Buraq’s will, would involve mortal risk to themselves. The status quo is both personally safe and profitable.

    3) If it goes to Congress, as provided for by the second paragraph of Article 4, the DE FACTO Speaker of the House is Nancy Pelosi and the DE FACTO Senate Majority Leader is Harry Reid. It ain’t gonna happen. Further, the majority of the GOPe in both Houses would stampede to avoid removing the Emperor.

    There is no easy way out of this.

  4. I am concerned. Maybe he just didn’t bring the TOTUS with him to Paris.

    I think Gore might be a valid comparison. I try to think of others. I remember thinking in 2000 that Bush had a real life and could go back to it if he lost. It was one reason, in my opinion, why he looked so relaxed in the debates, winking at someone from the stage.

    Gore had nowhere else to go. A real statesman would do something like John Quincy Adams, who went back to Congress and served 18 years after being defeated by Jackson in 1828. He had a real life.

    Nixon, for all his faults, had a real life and accomplishments after being driven from office by his enemies,

    It might be interesting to compare him to Tiger Woods who has no life but golf.

    Tiger Woods painted a bleak picture Tuesday on when he can return to golf or even get back to doing anything more than just walking.

    Woods had two back surgeries in a span of 18 months followed by what he described only as another “procedure” in the same area last month. He has not started rehabilitation and does not know when his back will allow for that.

    The hardest part for me is there’s really nothing I can look forward to, nothing I can build toward,” Woods said. “It’s just taking it literally just day by day and week by week and time by time.”

    Neither seems able to cope in spite of large fortunes.

    Obama brags about an intellectual life and bored guests stiff at a much publicized dinner in Rome in 2014.

    He asked the embassy to find interesting people. They found some and he spent four hours with them at dinner.

    The Politico piece, like the Times piece, slobbers over him uncritically.

    Unfortunately, he is a bit like a pilot of our airplane who is bored and might just nod off as we are landing.

  5. I am all for getting rid of him, but

    Impeachment or any other form of removal would take a consensus of Democrats that it is desirable.

    The 25th Amendment provides that:

    Whenever the Vice President and

    a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide,

    transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office …

    So either the Cabinet that Hussein appointed, or 2/3rds of the Senate have to ax him.

    I don’t think that will happen unless he gets to the rug chewing stage.

  6. “I don’t think that will happen unless he gets to the rug chewing stage.”

    I don’t think there is any chance of it happening. A more likely scenario is Wilson with Valerie Jarrett playing the Edith Wilson role.

    I doubt Obama will be incapacitated in a physical sense. I just worry about his state of mind.

    For one thing, I don’t think he likes us very much. I have already thought about this a bit.

    As a result, in an almost divine retribution, we got Barack Obama.

  7. “For one thing, I don’t think he likes us very much.”

    That is the understaement of the still young century. He hates our f&%$#@ guts. That has been obvious from the get go. Hey, he was down with the Reverend Wrong: “Goddamn America”.

  8. Mike K
    For one thing, I don’t think he likes us very much

    The “bitter clinging… to guns and religion” remark was the first indication of that for me. In Obama’s “defense,” he was speaking to a dinner of wealthy San Francisco donors, who shared his view of rural America- not just rural Pennsylvania. He figured that since he was speaking to a like-minded group, he could speak from the heart, not from the teleprompter.

    We elected someone who is out of touch with vast sectors of the American people. His “bitter clinging” remark shows he doesn’t have a clue about rural America. We know he doesn’t like the suburbs.He is in touch with Hawaii, academia, certain sectors of big cities, and Valerie Jarrett-type upper middle to upper class blacks. That’s about it. In Dreams from My Father, he inadvertently showed how, despite spending two years trying to organize Blacks on the South Side of Chicago, there were huge gaps in his knowledge of Black America and its history.

    That’s how it was with Ruby, for example. After our aborted meeting with the police commander, I had worried that she might back away from organizing. Instead, she had thrown herself headlong into the project, working hard to build a network of neighbors that could be regularly delivered to our events, coming up with ideas for registering voters or working with school parents. She was what every organizer dreamed about-someone with untapped talent, smart, steady, excited by the idea of a public life, eager to learn. And I liked her son, Kyle Jr. He had just turned fourteen, and in all of his awkwardness-one moment frisky and bumping into me while we shot baskets together in the neighborhood park, the next instant bored and sullen-I could see all the contours of my own youthful struggles. Sometimes Ruby would question me about him, exasperated with a mediocre report card or a cut on his chin, baffled by a young man’s unruly mind.

    “Last week he said he was going to be a rap artist,” she would report. “Today he tells me he’s going to the Air Force Academy to be a fighter pilot. When I ask him why, he just says ‘So I can fly.’ Like I was stupid. I swear, Barack, sometimes I don’t know whether to hug him or beat his skinny behind.”
    “Try both,” I would tell her. [p 104]

    And what about Kyle: How did one explain what he was going through? I leaned back in my chair, thinking about Ruby’s son. He had just turned sixteen; the two years since my arrival had given him several inches, added bulk, and the shadow above his upper lip, first efforts at a mustache. He was still polite to me, still willing to talk about the Bulls- this’d be the year Jordan took ’em to the finals, he said. But he was usually gone whenever I stopped by, or on his way out with his friends. Some nights, Ruby would call me at home just to talk about him, how she never knew where he was anymore, how his grades had continued to drop in school, how he hid things from her, the door to his room always closed. [p 137]

    Don’t worry, I would tell her; I was a lot worse at Kyle’s age. I don’t think she believed that particular truth, but hearing the words seemed to make her feel better. One day I volunteered to sound Kyle out, inviting him to join me for a pick-up basketball game at the University of Chicago gym. He was quiet most of the ride up to Hyde Park, fending off questions with a grunt or a shrug. I asked him if he was still thinking about the air force, and he shook his head; he’d stay in Chicago, he said, find a job and get his own place. I asked him what had changed his mind. He said that the air force would never let a black man fly a plane.

    I looked at him crossly. “Who told you that mess?”

    Kyle shrugged. “Don’t need somebody to tell me that. Just is, that’s all.”

    “Man, that’s the wrong attitude. You can do whatever you want if you’re willing to work for it.”

    Kyle smirked and turned his head toward the window, his breath misting the glass. “Yeah, well…how many black pilots do you know?” [p 138]

    Four decades after the end of World War II, with an Ivy League education and two years of organizing on the South Side of Chicago, Barack Obama knew nothing about the Tuskegee Airmen. If Barack Obama did know about the Tuskegee Airmen, rest assured he would have taken advantage of this opportunity to show off his knowledge: “Hey guy, blacks have been flying in the Air Force since World War II, over 40 years ago.”

    We are stuck with him until January 20,2017. Unfortunately, he will not go gentle into the good night, like most former Presidents. Obama in his post-Presidential years will make Carter’s ex-Presidency look like forty years of benign silence. I fear that we will also have to put up with him as long as we have had to put up with Carter. Disclaimer: I voted for Carter in 1976- third party in 1980.

    Barack Obama is going to be the most irritating ex-President evah.

    But back to his remaining 14 months. I could definitely see him falling Asleep at the Wheel.

    I just finished Edward Klein’s Blood Feud, about the conflicts between the Clintons and the Obamas. One of Obama’s advisers recommended that Bill Clinton be used in the 2012 campaign. Valerie and Michelle were dead set against this.Bill Clinton agreed to help the campaign with the quid pro quo that the POTUS support Hillary in 2016. Michelle and Valerie were unable to persuade the POTUS to not ask for Bill Clinton’s assistance, but they were able to convince him that he needn’t keep any promises to the Clintons.

    Result: Bill Clinton gave a masterful speech at the Convention which definitely helped Obama’s reelection campaign. And Barack Obama left the Clintons hanging. If only Barack Obama could be so ruthless towards enemies of the United States.

  9. I think Obama’s education and general fund of knowledge has been wildly overstated.

    He has ridiculed Americans who speak only one language yet he does not speak another language.

    He thinks Austrians speak “Austrian.”

    He thinks Afghans speak Arabic.

    He has no idea of economics. Even Charlie Gibson was surprised at his response to a question about Capital Gains.

    I am more worried right now about his mental health.

  10. Buraq Hussein is a jihadi. He has promised Allah that he will destroy America and all the world.

    Thank God he is not an American.

  11. The most obvious answer to this seeming deterioration is that he was never the high-powered intellectual type to begin with, nor has he ever demonstrated any competent executive/managerial capabilities.

    In fact, he is exactly what that Chicago pol said he was when he was created out of whole cloth—a manufactured entity who has little or no responsibility for any of the exaggerated claims made on his behalf, or honors he has been been given.

    This entire debacle has been the result of our allowing a criminal enterprise, which is exactly what the totally corrupt Chicago political machine has been for decades, to create, groom, and sell to the public a thoroughly incompetent and corrupt figurehead as a major political figure who deserved to be elected to a series of ever more powerful public offices.

    Everything about the leader of the current corrupt regime is a lie. None of the policies he has fronted for has done anything but weaken the country, and massively enrich his handlers and cronies.

    It is long past time for people at every level of significance in this country to openly declare what so many people across the globe have already realized after experiencing his vacuous and uninformed persona in various meetings—he is a meaningless and incompetent buffoon who doesn’t visit the men’s room without getting permission first.

    Why does he seem so lost and incomprehensible?

    He doesn’t have anyone there to tell him what to say. Without a word for word script to read, his bottomless ignorance and lack of public speaking talent is on display for all to see.

    So many people seem almost desperate to find some deep reasons for these repeated public embarrassments that they pass over the obvious answer—the reason he seems so lost and disconnected is because he is.

    It’s a scam, a con. It’s never been anything more.

  12. In C S Lewis’s novel ‘That Hideous Strength,’ the author describes his protagonist–a sociologist–thusly:

    It must be remembered that in Mark’s mind hardly one rag of noble thought, either Christian or Pagan, had a secure lodging. His education had been neither scientific nor classical–merely “Modern”. The severities both of abstraction and of high human tradition had passed him by: and he had neither peasant shrewdness nor aristocratic honour to help him. He was a man of straw, a glib examinee in subjects that require no exact knowledge (he had always done well on Essays and General Papers), and the first hint of a real threat to his bodily life knocked him sprawling.

    In Obama’s case, is a threat to perpetual symphony of praise to which he has become so accustomed which has perhaps “knocked him sprawling.”

  13. Perhaps his IQ is 70 – average. Perhaps Affirmative Action got him both his degrees and his jobs. Perhaps he is in over his head.

  14. “yet he does not speak another language”: so his Indonesian schooling was in English? That rather detracts from the advantages of living abroad.

  15. “his Indonesian schooling was in English? ”

    I’ve wondered about that.

    “Most Indonesians also speak one of more than 700 indigenous languages.”

    They drove the Chinese out so I don’t know what language they spoke in that mosque he attended. Arabic ? Maybe he thinks everybody speaks Arabic outside the US.

  16. He isn’t delusional. At least not any more so than any other Communist idealogue. He is an enemy of his country. He is at war with the people who elected him. If one recognizes that first, everything he has done makes perfect sense.

  17. He didn’t learn the language according to reports. He was only there for a few years as a young child, so he could presumably slide without going native.

    Teachers, former playmates and friends recall a boy who never fully grasped their language and who was very quiet as a result. But one word Obama learned quickly in his new home was curang, which means “cheater.”

    His mother was some sort of translator at the embassy. That was just a few years after the “year of living dangerously” coup attempt and military takeover of the government. By the time the Soetoros got there, Jakarta was home to the largest CIA station in Asia, so English was probably well known where young Barry lived.

  18. You all make valid points,but I think it more likely that he’s high,and he gets really high because of his anguish over being HIV positive, and the possibility of it being known before he leaves office….

  19. By the time Inauguration Day rolls around, how many military
    units in D.C. area will be loyal enough to B.H.O., so that
    Trump or Hilary is barred from approaching the White House?

    Keys and Codes, and enough loyalists, will do the job.

  20. Buraq Hussein was in Indonesia as a child for several years. Kids are natural sponges for learning. My half-brother and his wife never learned English, and only speak Cantonese in the home. Their kids all learned English from TV and neighborhood kids growing up. They all learned it [and other things] well enough to be valedictorians in sequence at their high school.

    Unless he is dumber than several rocks [not going to fight real hard against that interpretation] he picked up the local dialect enough to be functional, otherwise his life would have been a living hell. Kids are vicious to strangers and outsiders, and he would have had to learn to fit in. And his school was, as all schools are in Indonesia by law, an Islamic school, a Madrassa. Not all Madrassa‘s are Jihadi schools and this was probably the local equivalent of P.S 123. If he went to one, he HAD to pick up a bunch of Arabic, or once again he would not have survived well. Both spoken and written.

    It is more than likely that he knows far more of the local dialect and Arabic than it was/is politic to reveal.

    Concealment of capabilities and a lifetime of actions that are hostile to the country add up pretty well to being an enemy agent.

    There is a reason I refer to “putative elections in 2016”.

  21. In support of Subotai Bahadur’s conjecture that as a child Barack Obama spoke the local language. [ Dreams From My Father, pages 23-24]

    I raised my arms, throwing soft jabs at Lolo’s palm, glancing up at him every so often and realizing how familiar his face had become after our two years together, as familiar as the earth on which we stood. It had taken me less than six months to learn Indonesia’s language, its customs, and its legends. I had survived chicken pox, measles, and the sting of my teachers’ bamboo switches. The children of farmers, servants, and low-level bureaucrats had become my best friends, and together we ran the streets morning and night, hustling odd jobs, catching crickets, battling swift kites with razor-sharp lines-the loser watched his kite soar off with the wind, and knew that somewhere other children had formed a long wobbly train, their heads toward the sky, waiting for their prize to land. With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.

    The introductory sentence refers to his stepfather teaching him rudimentary boxing skills to help deal with bullies.

    At one time Obama was bilingual. Today, probably not. I am reminded of a former co-worker who as a child had lived in Cuba before Castro took over and after which her family had left the expat life to return to the US. A decade after leaving Cuba, she took her first Spanish course. Though she hadn’t spoken Spanish for 10 years, it came back quickly- and in the Cuban accent of her early childhood.

  22. I don’t trust anything he wrote in his books, but, if his mother was translating for the CIA and his stepfather was an operative of the military junta, then I think it’s plausible that he came in contact with all sorts of influences in Jakarta. There’s probably a lot we don’t know about Barry and a lot we’ll never know.

    On the other hand, he admitted the other day that he’s only a mere island boy, so maybe his intellect may not be better than a box of rocks.

  23. “He grew up in America as a black man.”

    Actually, he grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, neither a racist place. His racism was learned to facilitate his political career. He had no connection to Chicago but opportunism.

  24. “Dreams From My Handlers” would be more apropos. Seven years, no leaks, no whistleblowers, no opposition, no consequences. If he’s crazy, he must be really lucky too.

  25. I’ve said this before in comments somewhere, but it’s worth saying again. Suicide would not surprise me, if he is ever forced to realize just how badly he has screwed up the U.S. and the world. No, that would not please me. I suspect he’d use some method that would help his stupider followers think he’d been murdered, and take it out on his (and their) enemies.

  26. “Suicide would not surprise me”

    I disagree. I think he might go out like a jihadi.

    Gotterdamerung with Iran and Israel as an extra morsel.

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