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“Something powerful and profound is happening in American politics. With nearly unanimous public revulsion against Congress and business as usual in Washington, with economic anxiety and pain far greater than political or financial pundits or President Obama can understand, after repeated change elections that have brought no change, there is a tidal wave of anti-establishment populism in both parties that is defining the 2016 campaign.”

Brent Budowsky: Why Clinton feels the burn

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. This election will be a major indicator, but the real confrontation the statists and individualists will be in 2020.

  2. Can’t disagree with anything mentioned.

    Been a couple of great op-eds in the WSJ in the last few days on Obama.

    Today a compelling piece by Daniel Henniger. “Obama’s Legacy: Trump and Bernie”


    I am ambivalent on Trump. Can’t disagree with anything he says (although things like “no Muslims” is a little over the top – but I am so angry at the status quo I am ready to try him. People listen to politicians pontificate and disbelieve them now.

    The op-ed yesterday on Obama’s trying to redefine reality in his SOU


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