“Two Presidential Candidates: Consistent Treatment?”

Seth Barrett Tillman considers legal issues relating to the respective presidential candidacies of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

Guess whose candidacy raises the most complex and troubling legal questions?

There are many fora (including several widely read individual, group, and journal-run blogs) whose mission, if not primary mission, includes discussion of time-sensitive legal issues of public interest. Should not the public be informed about these Clinton-related possibilities and risks well before votes are cast? Why the silence among journalists, academic commentators (with expertise in election law, constitutional law, and statutory interpretation), and bloggers who usually very much like to write on issues of public moment? Would not this make a suitable–if not outstanding–journal symposium issue: “The Hillary Clinton Candidacy–The Legal Issues”? Any takers?
Given the silence, you would almost think “natural born citizen” were the only legal issue out there. Odd isn’t it?

5 thoughts on ““Two Presidential Candidates: Consistent Treatment?””

  1. Is there anything of interest to say about Hellary? She’s guilty of high treason and should hang for it.

  2. The rule of law no longer exists in this country. What “laws” the State chooses to enforce or not enforce selectively are based on who you are and who you know. The “Connected Persons Clause” carries more weight than the entire US Code.

    The FBI’s findings in Hillary’s case will depend solely on what instructions they have been given by their political masters.

    And the whole political world knows it.

    While I believe from my study of the matter that Cruz is eminently eligible for the Presidency under the Constitution [if it comes up at Chicagoboyz, I’ll give my train of logic]; it is a matter that will have to be settled, and is subject to be used by opponents of either party until it is.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. [Comment deleted by Jonathan. Please refer to our comments policy re comments that suggest threats of bodily harm to elected officials or anyone else. Thanks.]

  4. I have talked with two physician friends the last week or two and when we get to the subject of Hillary, both seem to be Democrats and one is turning against her. The other, they are both very reasonable men, is hesitant to hear anything bad about her. These are sober, older, male, well educated people. She could survive this in spite of all the real evil stuff she has done.

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