“Democratic Party Iowa Vote Total: under 1,500 votes — 1,500 votes — 1,500 votes: Did the Democratic Party Just Implode in Iowa?”

Seth Barrett Tillman wants to know:

94% of the precincts have reported (for the Democrats). The Democratic Party vote is … 660 votes for Clinton, and 649 votes for Sanders, with each candidate getting around 50% of the Democratic Party vote, and 21 convention delegates.
Between Sanders and Clinton, there are fewer than 1,500 votes.

Seth’s brief post is worth reading in full.

UPDATE: Seth has amended his post in response to reader comments.

15 thoughts on ““Democratic Party Iowa Vote Total: under 1,500 votes — 1,500 votes — 1,500 votes: Did the Democratic Party Just Implode in Iowa?””

  1. Summary: Mr Tillman’s analysis was bunkum. But his minor point, that the Dems haven’t revealed how many people voted, may be good. Though it may also be premature.

  2. I think we have our answer.
    There were a total of six coin tosses for the Democrats, and amazingly Hillary won them all.
    Six for six in “random” coin tosses. With that luck she should go to Vegas for a couple days before resuming her campaign.

  3. Iowa Demoncrats report by entire precincts. “6 out 6” flips for Hillary is most impressive, but I doubt if it matches Republiscam rigging. Consider: Trump produced 60,000 new Republican caucus voters. A c. 30% increase over 2012. Trump (he says) opposes open borders/free trade, and wants to de-escalate in the Middle East. Yet, according to the “official Results” (as tabulated by a new “Google App”), most of these newbies went to Cruz/Rubio…both open borders/free trade and noisy Wall St./Las Vegas-financed Zionist warmongers. Remarkable

  4. Trump was never a good fit for Iowa and its heavily evangelical GOP. Cruz is getting credit for opposing ethanol and still winning. I saw Cruz on one of the Sunday shows backing away from his ethanol stance, saying there were better options for ethanol without subsidies. I think it was MtP.

    Cruz has introduced legislation to end the RFS. He wants to stop what he says is the EPA’s “blend wall,” which has kept the amount of ethanol that can be blended into gasoline below 10 percent.

    The blend wall is “keeping ethanol from expanding its markets,” as it has done overseas, Cruz said.

    That’s not exactly an ethanol opposition.

    Rubio is now the Establishment hope.

    It’s not over.

  5. First post from the link:

    The democrats aren’t counting actual human votes, the votes are being tallied as state delegate equivalents or SDE’s. So there’s only about 1500 state delegate equivalents statewide. It’s like electoral votes versus popular votes. Reagan got 523 votes or so.

    Don’t you people read the links?

  6. The 1,500 figure is nonsense. There are more delegates than that One of the coin tosses was in a county where after about six hundred votes were counted they had to coin toss to determine the 8th delegate of the county.

    The 6:0 tally in coin tosses was incorrect as well. Sanders won a few himself, but reporting was poor.

    Essentially, this whole thing is just one more argument for not paying attention to media reports within the first 24 hrs after an event.

  7. The Des Moines Register is reporting that Hillary won 6 out of 7 coin tosses, and they’re providing links to video and/or eye witness confirmation on social media. Officials from the state party are claiming something different but with no documentation or proof. And I might add I also sense some desperation in their denials.

    Go to their website and check this out.

    Here’s what’s interesting- none of the videos for Hillary show the coin. All are far back from the toss. All are flipped by women.

    The video that shows the toss going to Bernie was flipped by a man. The video clearly shows a close examination of the coin before they flip. It’s a nice mint condition quarter. Beautiful coin. The kind of coin that provides a fair and square chance.

  8. If you were an Iowa Democrat, you’d have to choose between a crazy old socialist and another crazy old socialist. Why bother?
    With Gov. O’Malley gone, the average age of the Democratic contenders is 71.
    I’m sure that young voters are thrilled.

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