Spring Newsletter – Luna City

This is just for fun … and I fully believe that we need relatively meaningless fun, humor, diversion … all of that silly, fluffy, lighthearted stuff. In the depths of the Depression of the 1930s, the most popular movies were musicals. Silly, fluffy, light-hearted musicals.

But if your inclination is for unrelieved Grim and Determined, I put this below the fold, so that the Seriousness can proceed, undisturbed by a single comic hiccup.

Spring 2016 Newsletter-1 Smaller

Spring 2016 Newsletter-2

9 thoughts on “Spring Newsletter – Luna City”

  1. >>But if your inclination is for unrelieved Grim and Determined

    Unrelieved Grim & Determined is my middle name.

  2. Ha! If we were a bowling team we would be named the Brothers Grim.

    Thanks for the relief. I want to get some of that Luna City soap.

  3. Which reminds me … likely there would be a bowling team in Luna City.

    The Newsletter touches on a couple of developing plot points – like something odd going on at Mills Farm, most of which will be explored in the next Chronicle, which is aimed for release around November. In the meantime, there is a Luna City Texas website, and I have put up a short story, VJ+71, which gives a little background on two Lunaites; Miss Letty McAllister, and the disabled veteran who lives in the apartment over the old coach-house.

  4. I thought I would just have a look-see at Luna City, Texas on Google Maps. That was not so easy. It occurred to me that Luna City might be another Lake Wobegon. Eventually I found it, I think, but it took some work. The Luna City website places it near Karnesville, Texas, which Google Maps has also not heard of. The crossing of Route 123 and the San Antonio River got me very close. It was 28°57′29″N 97°53′50″W that did the trick, though Google Maps calls that spot Panna Maria.

  5. Clark – Yep. It’s a “Lake Woebegon” construct, but it would amuse the heck out of me, if soon people actually began driving down Rte 123 looking for the Tip Top, and the turn-off for Mills Farm…

  6. Well, Sgt. Mom, I was driving Google Earth down Rte 123. It won’t be long before the cars show up.

    To me, coming as I do from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the events described in the Newsletter don’t look at all unusual. When the movie Fargo first came out, there were people in Manhattan (where I lived at the time) who thought that the accents were exaggerated.

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