Awesome Storm Footage

I generally like storms. They’re interesting and exciting. That said, I’ve been in a few that were downright scary and I’ve been very close to a few lightning strikes. This is impressive to me, along with the sheer beauty of it.

I remember merging off of I-84 West onto I-81 South about ten years ago in a thunderstorm. It was late in the day and as the sun slipped below the level of the storm clouds sunlight fell on a hillside of grass. The rain was still falling and the entire hillside burst into a display of light as the droplets on the blades of grass glittered and shimmered in the light wind with a billion sparkles of light from every color of the spectrum. I had to keep forcing my eyes back on the road it was such a spectacular display of light.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Storm Footage”

  1. So you’re saying that Close Encounters of the Third Kind was real? Right? I think that movie had special effects which kind of looked like what we see in this video, which is beautiful btw, especially that very last shot with the neon sky filtered through the bubble clouds.

    Kudos to the director. That most have taken man-years of time to put together.

  2. As a little kid, I once watched a tornado in Illinois from a couple of miles away. Fortunately, it did not swerve at us.

  3. We saw lots of enormous electrical storms when we lived in Queensland. But the most impressive I’ve ever seen is in an area not especially prone to them: the mother-and-father of a storm moving down the central rift valley of Scotland.

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