A pretty good analysis of Trump/Cruz by Rush Limbaugh.


I usually don’t listen to Limbaugh as the timing doesn’t work for me. I did come across this transcript and it seems to be pretty accurate as to what is going on.

The party is never going to write themselves out of control of this process. So when that happens, oh, panic sets in! So reason that Trump ends up here with essentially a 22% bonus in delegates is because the Republican Party set it up so that the front-runner gets bonuses for being the front-runner, ’cause they thought they were gonna be in charge of who the front-runner ended up be.

They wire it or try to in a lot of ways. The problem is, they’re working four years in advance and they’re always basing rules on what went wrong the last time.

Rule 40 was directed at Ron Paul in 2012.

The problem now is to stop Trump. How to do that ?

Now, Colorado comes along and last August, after… I’m sure they did this because of Trump. They’ll never say so.

In last August, Colorado changed its procedure and decided that they weren’t gonna have a straw poll or a primary — and, in fact, instead were going to choose the nominee at the party convention. They were gonna choose the delegates there and the delegates were determined, and there would still be a primary, but the results wouldn’t mean anything. Now, this didn’t happen two nights ago or a week ago. It wasn’t decided recently. It was decided back in August. Now, in my humble estimation I am sure it happened because of Trump way back in August.

Remember the panic levels.

Cruz had to get 8 states to meet the Rule 40 standard. Colorado is state #8.

Yet what happened this weekend at party conventions and delegate selection? Nobody ever said a word publicly about it coming back. Nobody in the establishment ever said, essentially, “Don’t worry. We’re gonna stop Trump at our party convention.” They all said, “We’re gonna stop Trump on the floor of the convention. We’re gonna see to it that he doesn’t get 1,237, then we’re gonna go broke, then we’re gonna do contest.” Everybody talking about that while nobody had a heads-up about what they were planning to do this weekend the party convention.

Colorado goes for Cruz at the quietly organized convention where delegates committed to Trump disappeared from the ballot.

Another disgusted Trump supporter Larry Wayne Lindsey from Douglas County had his name removed from the ballot. He posted this video after he was scratched from the ballot without his knowledge after driving to Colorado Springs for the convention.

“I’ve been a lifelong Republican all of my life. And this corrupt bunch of thieves is not even worth fighting for. I’ll find another party that believes more like I do. I’ve had it with them. But Jan Morgan you’re not going to get away with this. I’ll find somebody to listen to me. I’ll find someway to hold you accountable for this.”

So Cruz is the nominee ? Not so fast.

But I’m sure that Trump looked at his massive lead in national polls, his massive lead in all these primaries that he’s won and has just assumed that the sheer power and force of that was gonna sweep him through 1,237 before we get to the convention. And that all this stuff that’s happening now was not even gonna be necessary because he was gonna win this outright. And it’s clear, and it has been clear for a while, the objective is to make sure he doesn’t. And in this the Cruz team and the GOP team are working as a united front against Trump.

I suspect Cruz thinks this is the case.

Now, second ballot, if nobody gets 1,237, that’s where the GOP and Cruz forces will split apart, and Cruz will find out what it’s like to be Trump right now. That would be on the third ballot. Make no mistake, the Republican powers that be do not want Trump, and they don’t want Cruz. They did want Jeb. They wouldn’t mind Kasich. They are drooling over Paul Ryan. And they would take Romney again. So that’s the immediate universe of people that they might be thinking could be their salvation.

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  1. Make no mistake, the Republican powers that be do not want Trump, and they don’t want Cruz. They did want Jeb. They wouldn’t mind Kasich. They are drooling over Paul Ryan. And they would take Romney again.

    And they may well get Hillary.

  2. I think Romney would be a great pick. The nation would heave such a sigh of relief that a party had nominated someone who does not belong in jail or in a mental institution (or in Trump’s case both), and who is a mature adult, that it would blow him into the White House.

  3. > Larry Wayne Lindsey

    Mr. dog-ate-my-homework of Colorado 2016. Honestly, that wasn’t hard to guess given the circumstances. I attended the caucuses here in Utah and they aren’t packed with GOP conpirators, they are the neighbors. You are insulting the good people of Colorado for no reason except unreason.

  4. I think Romney would be a great pick.

    Romney polls worse than Trump. He’s simply a different kind of worse.

  5. For what it’s worth – nothing at this point – I think Fiorina would’ve beaten Hillary.

  6. “You are insulting the good people of Colorado for no reason except unreason.”

    So, that photo of the ballot is fake ?

    “Romney polls worse than Trump. ”

    Romney would have been a great president but it is too late. He failed in the GOTV program on election day. That is a greater failure than Trump in Colorado.

    “I think Fiorina would’ve beaten Hillary.”

    I think so, too but she had to say something about illegal immigration.

    The voters this year are worried about illegals, terrorism and honesty. Honesty equals outsider.

    Democrats have as big a problem with voter revolt as Republicans this year.

  7. If the party was really going to nominate someone not in the primaries, they could do well with Robert Gates but I doubt he would consider it.

  8. Mike & Tango. Please show me the polls on which you are basing your assertion.

    As for procedural issues from the last campaign. Those are fixable. Furthermore, losing one election is not the curse of Cain. Nixon lost in 1960, and won in 68 and 72. Times change, Peoples evaluations change.

  9. What is interesting is this removal of National delegate selection from the delegates is not sitting well. The pissed off delegates returning to the counties are the ones who actually do the work of campaigning during the election. In my county, many of the delegates were TEA Party, which makes sense because the TEA Party controls our County Republican Party Central Committee. I know a lot were Trump supporters. They probably are not going to work for Romney, or Ryan, or Jeb! Or for many further down the ticket.

    We did get two bits of good news from the conventions. The US Senate candidate who got 70% of the vote at the State Convention and top line designation over the 4 who petitioned on the primary ballot was Daryl Glenn. A Black Retired USAF COL, who is a TEA Party member from Colorado Springs. Since we TEA Party types are supposed to be racists, I hope the cognitive dissonance drives the local media crazy. I’ve met him a few times, and he is a hell of a good man, and a good candidate.

    The other bit of good news in CD-5 is that incumbent Boehner/Ryan thrall, Doug Lamborn, got second line designation in his own nominating convention, being beaten by a woman named Vargas who came out of nowhere and took 58% of the vote. She came out of nowhere and I know nothing about her, but I hope she is one of ours. Given that I am willing to vote for a Democrat [*ick*] to get rid of Lamborn, I will cut her a lot of slack.

    And if the Party keeps playing games for the presidential nomination, those may be the only two I work for this campaign, voting 3rd party or write in [Thad Cochran!] for everything else.

    Robert Schwartz Says:
    April 12th, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    There is a school of thought that posits that given the Left has an admitted Marxist-Leninist -vs- an unadmitted Marxist-Leninist/Felon, with a possible unconstitutional squatting in the White House by an occupant who does not want to go; and a Republican Party that prefers losing to the Marxist-Leninist/Felon, that there may be no more room for kicking the electoral can down the road. ;-)

  10. We are no longer fortunate enough to have an electorate smart enough to nominate a Carly Fiorina or Robert Gates.

  11. “if the Party keeps playing games for the presidential nomination, those may be the only two I work for this campaign, ”

    I am concerned about this and am preparing, as much as I can do, for a Hillary administration which I think will collapse the economy,

    “We are no longer fortunate enough to have an electorate smart enough to nominate a Carly Fiorina or Robert Gates.”

    Carly lost me on immigration. Gates is too intelligent, as well as too savvy, to participate in this cluster**k.

    I really think will have a terrorist attack before the election. ISIS thinks they have us on the run and I’m not sure they are wrong. ROE are what it’s all about. B52s are hopeful but I would like to hear from crews.

    The Saudi 9/11 connection story is very discouraging.

    Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., one of the few members to go read the report, was shocked: “I had to stop every couple of pages and just sort of absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history for the past 13 years and the years leading up to that. It challenges you to rethink everything.” Massie is one of 18 co-sponsors ofJones’ resolution in the House.

    OMG !

  12. When I still listened to Hugh Hewitt’s radio program in the afternoon, he made what I thought was a startling prediction, that; “Hillary would be the nominee” Said it right over the airwaves, he did. An odd statement for a man calling himself a solid conservative, a veteran of the Reagan administration, etc. Perhaps neither of these guys, nor the party want anything to do with 2017. Jonathan calls it, the fix is in like it was in 2012, when Romney and the party took a dive.

  13. The Republican Establishment should let Vlad Putin get the nomination. He will win the election.

    Trump is no good because
    – he has given money to liberals
    – he can’t get along with Muslims
    – He wants to build a wall
    – He is weak on dealing with the Russians
    – He will start a trade war win everyone

    On the other hand if Putin is elected President
    – Nuclear war is impossible between the US and Russia
    – The US will dominate the world (goal of the USA war party)
    – China and Russia and USA will work together to promote free enterprise capitalism
    – Putin is anti-communist and will clean the commies out of our universities
    – Putin knows from firsthand experience that socialism does not work
    – Putin is the only leader that has actually stopped Daesch AKA Muslim caliphate
    – We can all afford Beluga caviar

    GOP support of Cruz shows that Putin can claim he is ‘a natural born citizen’.

  14. >So, that photo of the ballot is fake ?<

    may be in this era of "gestapo tactics"? eff trump!!11!!

  15. oh my a typo in a backwater state is PROOF of nefarious deeds done to the trumpster. you folks be clowns!!

  16. I’m with Newrouter. Trumpeters have no clue how to run an actual campaign. They yell fix in face of their own failures. And many here buy every word.

    The GOPe has in fact lost control of the ultimate nominee. They “hope” Cruz can deny Trump a first round majority, but they can not guarantee that. They may think they can control released delegates subsequently, but they are wrong. The odds are in Trumpster’s favor for the first ballot despite his having zero idea how to run either a campaign or a country. He is intellectually and emotionally the angery bird candidate that can guarantee the Hildebeast election. By the time the delegate selection is completed in the remaining states, he will be polling 20 points behind her and there will be no walking back his stupid angry birdbrain persona. Being a birdbrain is not being politically incorrect, it’s just his reality (as in TV).

    If the convention nomination become contested, the GOPe will have little to say about the second or subsequent ballots. Cruz is working hard on the actual state delegate slates so that released delegates will be more likely to support him rather than Trump. In the meantime Rubio is trying to hold control over his delegates (but only for as long as each state or delegation jurisdiction’s rules allow) and for some of them he may be able to release them on first ballot (wonder what he’ll ask for in return). He can not control who they vote for if released, they are free to vote as they will. Kasich seems to be running for VP on the Trump ticket so his delegates’ release is also up for hire (I mean a Great Deal). Cruz might work with Rubio, but I doubt he could stomach Kasich for more than a day or two.

    If rule 40b stands and it is likely to do so, than neither Rubio nor Kasich will be on the ballot and all those boogie men and women being conjured up won’t either. The deal makers are limited to at most these four guys. Not GOPe, not Romney, not Ryan, not anybody else. If the convention rules over ride the state and jurisdictional rules on delegate release should the delegates’ bound candidate not be in nomination, then earlier release is possible, even on the first ballot. Many of the states have yet to select the actual delegates at their conventions and they may take note of the issue of being bound to a candidate not in nomination. They may unbind some of the Rubio and Kasich delegates without their action before the first ballot. Again, having delegates empathetic to one or the other of the two in nomination is key. Trump is late to the party and frankly doesn’t have the state organizations in place to fight well in this process. I hear the whine a comin’, its a comin’ ’round the bend….

    The big unknown is who will the lawfully selected delegates vote for after they are released if it goes past a first ballot without a nominee. My bet is that Cruz has worked this hard starting last summer and will continue to do so. Yes, some of the GOPe are delegates, but not as many as one might think and since the GOPe favorites couldn’t even break into the top three vote getters, they have no one to focus upon. Trump has let the delegate selection train leave him in the dust. He has neither the ability nor opportunity to make up for that. He thought his media campaign and pep rallies would get him enough votes. That naive assumption may be wrong and if it gets past a first ballot, he is at a disadvantage. No amount of his best whining will change that. I’m betting it will be either Trump on the first ballot or Cruz on a second, third or fourth ballot. Why might it take four? Some states do not allow delegate release until after the third ballot. At some point rule 40b could be revoked or suspended if no majority appears possible, but I believe the delegates have to approve that. Not likely given that it shouldn’t take long for the delegates to reach a majority for Cruz.

    Put on your big boy pants folks, this is how it works and anyone who wants to play should study the rules (and the issues) to get nominated. Perhaps this shows another instance of why Trumpster lacks the capacity to be a successful president. Perhaps to even get elected running against a progressive felon with serious personality defects.

    I have no respect for Bob Gates. He caved to Obama on every important point as Sec Def because he is a progressive at heart and disloyal to those who serve this country in our military. Only a moron or a political SOB would have caved on women in combat and homosexuals in the military. He isn’t a moron, is he? You can go right down the line on withdrawal timelines, Gitmo, rules of engagement, force structure cuts, F-22, etc. and he failed every time. Then he writes his self servinging book. Bob, you have blood on your hands but money in your pocket and that stupid smile on your face. Get lost, Bob.


  17. “I thought was a startling prediction, that; “Hillary would be the nominee”

    You are easily startled. Who did you think the Democrats would nominate ?

    “He caved to Obama on every important point as Sec Def because he is a progressive at heart and disloyal to those who serve this country in our military. Only a moron or a political SOB would have caved on women in combat and homosexuals in the military. ”

    Maybe you should read his book.

  18. post-Rubio, Cruz was the GOPe/neo-con pick all along. Limbaugh and other Republiscam hacks misportray Tricky Ted as an “outsider” so they can get a few of the Trumpaholics to stay with the pty in November. Not enough, though. Mrs. Clinton will win relatively easily. Her Presidency, for as long as it lasts, will be memorable: invest in lead

  19. Got the lead. Cruz was their second to last choice based on fears that The Donald was a loon and Cruz couldn’t be controlled. Either way their hegemony over the congress was a major concern for them given their fears either Cruz or Trump would lead to massive down ticket losses.

    Just because Cruz has been in the senate for less than a full term (raising hell with the establishment king makers) is no evidence he is a GOPe operative. In fact he was marginalized and took his lumps from the GOPe more than any other candidate who ran this cycle. Just because Trump says he’s a lyin’ politician does not make it so. He scares Trump as much as he does the GOPe because they can not answer his positions or his critiques. Many find Cruz’s personality grating. This isn’t a popularity contest based on “likes”, it is war.

    The most dislikable battalion commander I ever served under happened to be the officer I would have sooner trusted in combat to serve under than any other at any position. He was the smartest, most skilled and most courageous soldier I have ever met. He was also one SOB. He relieved me of my position as platoon leader without cause based on bad information. He did it publicly and personally. He soon figured out his mistake and corrected the situation as best he could. That wasn’t part of what made him the best and that personality trait of taking vengeance or punitive action without full consideration diminished him. He once jailed a soldier who failed to get a haircut and relieved his battalion supply officer over the radio. Both of those guys got what they earned, but it was diminishing to this man. There are no perfect people, but an objective view of the choices available might be a better starting point, unless you believe it really doesn’t matter as we are all doomed so we should fight with our middle finger rather than our brains and heart.

    The only reason the GOPe might pick Cruz as the lesser of their two biggest nightmares is that at least he is both consistent (more so than another choice in my opinion) and an effective candidate. The potential for down ticket losses is likely less than for Trump. Being one who is more rational and consistent they are betting they can work with him better than a shallow brat. I think they can, but it will be on Cruz’s terms.

    Anybody seen the “off the record” NYT Trump interview transcript yet? His tax returns (audit is no excuse)? Supreme court slate? His suits over delegate awarding, Cruz’s eligibility? You really trust him to do the right things or keep his promises? His life story is far from compelling evidence that he is either competent, constitutionally suited, honest or philosophically intentioned enough to give me any comfort. At first I wasn’t sure, but I’ve become increasingly doubtful that he would do much positive and is likely to do us much harm as this reality show plays out.

    Give up the citizenship argument regarding Cruz as not being natural born. Whether one likes it or not the constitutional words have been court interpreted to mean he is. It is true that the supreme court has not reviewed these cases so they stand at this point. They won’t. No one ever succeeded in getting such a ruling on Barry’s eligibility and it is extremely unlikely they will on Cruz even if a suit is actually successful in gaining standing. Doubtful as well the ruling would overturn the existing interpretation.

    I’m willing to vote for the lesser of two evils come November regardless of who the GOP selects. We can know with great assurance that the Hildebeast (or Bern it Down) will destroy us quickly. With Trump we at least have a shot that he won’t do that as a practical consideration. With Cruz we probably have a chance he can get some of his agenda past the congress and the courts and at least either of them is likely to buy us some time.

    Either way, I have lots of range time scheduled, reloading supplies (including lead, the new gold standard) and skills for self preservation and sustainment. Come and Take It. I don’t kid myself that those of us prepared to fight are going to win against the heavy weapons, intell and coordination of the oppressors, but they will pay a price. Probably more than they expect. At least from some of us who are actually actively preparing and capable of fighting an asymmetric war. They think ISIS is a tough nut, 30,000 fighters are a formidable foe? Well, even with free fire rules of engagement, it will be ten times more difficult. With a cobbled together command and control based on veteran savvy, it might be 30 times more effort. Ultimately they have the resources and time to grind us away. Even the dumb establishment power brokers know they don’t want any part of that. We know where they are and most of them can not fight, too scary. Not to mention the creation of an opportunity for foreign external intervention during a protracted cleansing operation.


  20. From The Hill:

    Mitt Romney’s national favorability rating is even lower than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s, according to a new poll.

    The 2012 GOP presidential nominee is viewed favorably by 23 percent of registered voters, according to the left-leaning Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday, while 65 percent view him unfavorably.

    Trump is viewed favorably by 29 percent, while 63 percent hold an unfavorable view.

  21. “You really trust him to do the right things or keep his promises?”

    Not necessarily. I am just confident that the others are not going to do what is necessary and I think Cruz has little chance unless Hillary self-destructs.

    I think Trump could get elected with is one of his two positives. The other is being willing to say things that no one else will say.

    “reloading supplies (including lead, the new gold standard)”

    Well, some gold and silver (junk silver coins) arrived today. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to most people who have been saving for years.

    It might help with the recession that is coming,.

    A major contributor for this imminent recession is the fallout from a faltering Chinese economy. The megalomaniac communist government has increased debt 28 times since the year 2000. Taking that total north of 300 percent of GDP in a very short period of time for the primary purpose of building a massive unproductive fixed asset bubble that adds little to GDP.

    China is also buying gold.

    Spengler doesn’t seem to be worried. At least as of 2013.

    America will keep running trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and the world won’t come to an end. The present generation of economists, pundits, and hedge-fund heroes will retire before we see the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility. There’s a simple explanation for this, and it’s called “fracking”.

    America will produce more energy than Saudi Arabia by 2020 and turn what used to be a colossal foreign trade deficit into a small but comfortable surplus. And that will enable America to keep selling huge amounts of government securities to the rest of the world at fairly low interest rates.

    There is a current of opinion that thinks that cheap energy will bring us a golden age of economic growth. That seems Panglossian, considering that natural gas prices already have collapsed to a fraction of their 2006 value, and cheap natural has already outstripped coal as America’s main source of energy. America has already gone through an energy revolution and the economy didn’t budge. Cheap energy won’t get the economy out of the doldrums, but it will make it easier to borrow enough to paper over the consequences of economic stagnation.

    Not all that positive but something. Unless Bernie or Hillary succeed in stopping fracking. One good thing about Hillary. She has been bought be people who understand energy politics.

  22. Anonymous Says: April 13th, 2016 at 11:24 am

    The fact that Cruz has Neil “Silverado” Bush on his team and is supported by Jeb! is no proof he is an insider. It is suggestive.

    The fact that Ted is married to Goldman Sachs is no proof he is an insider. It is suggestive.

    The fact that Ted Cruz has loans from Goldman Sachs and Citi Bank that are in question is no proof he is an insider. It is suggestive.

    The fact that he needed to get large campaign donations to get as far as he has is no proof he is an insider. It is suggestive.

    My take from all that? Cruz is definitely an outsider.

  23. Death6 April 13th, 2016 at 11:24 am,

    I think bravado had them ignoring civil war up ’til now. “We can beat them.” What has happened IMO is that they have calculated the cost of winning. ’68 would be a picnic by comparison. I think they have caved in to Trump.

    If that is so the cave should be evident in about two weeks.

  24. I’ve tried to articulate some concerns about Trump and many of his supporters, but fear inadequately. I haven’t yet tried to articulate concerns I have about the “stop Trump” side, but I have many of the similar concerns about many of them, even those not GOPe.

    I believe that this video by Bill Whittle is worth watching by all, that is both sides. By The Donald as well.


    It caused me to better examine my own position about Trump.


  25. The next president will be terrible. The world is collapsing after eight years of neglect by HRH Barack I.
    Hillary I will be just as bad.
    I hope there is a desire for liberty elsewhere in the world. It has been snuffed out in America.
    Doubt it?
    Try buying tickets to a Springsteen concert in NC.
    They will perform in countries that kill gays, but HB2, that’s a deal breaker!

    America is living in a Liberal Fascist world.

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