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  • La Casa de las Baleadas

    Posted by Jonathan on May 2nd, 2016 (All posts by )

    La Casa de las Baleadas

    La Casa de las Baleadas is the official Honduran restaurant of the Chicago Boyz blog


    8 Responses to “La Casa de las Baleadas”

    1. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      I had a Salvadoran family once invite me over for a some traditional food. They made everything from scratch and it was delicious. Baleadas seems similar. One thing they made that was surprisingly good was a course ground maize paste mixed with herbs and steamed inside the husks. It was sliced open and served with sour cream. I’d love to try that restaurant.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      This restaurant is in Little Havana, many of whose current residents are Central American. I’ve found a couple of great restaurants there by chance. Interestingly, most of the churches in this area appear to be Evangelical. I’ve got a related post in the works.

    3. Terrapod Says:

      Who in their right mind would name their eatery the “house of shootings”? Is the area safe for unarmed eaters?

    4. Jonathan Says:

      I like Google Translate too but it isn’t perfect.

    5. dearieme Says:

      The most exotic restaurant we used back in the 70s was Georgian – as in Caucasus, not Dixieland. It was located in a former City Council steam laundry, you shared tables and benches with strangers, there was no menu – you just accepted what seemed to be a dozen or more courses. They couldn’t find any Georgian wine in Britain so they served Bulgarian instead. It all made for wonderful evenings. It’s just possible that being young helped too.

    6. Will Says:

      We visited an Ethiopian restaurant in Boston and discovered that there were no eating utensils. Not sure if that is an actual custom in that culture or some part of an “authentic” South End thing.

    7. Tyouth Says:

      ” the “house of shootings”? ” Did the place have a nice bar? …and so,maybe, “house of shooters”?

    8. Gringo Says:

      Who in their right mind would name their eatery the “house of shootings”? Is the area safe for unarmed eaters?

      A Baleada is a Honduran dish, as illustrated: some food on a tortilla. Central American tortillas are more tasty than the machine-made counterparts we get in the States- thicker and actually taste like corn.