I’ve disabled trackbacks (i.e., notices appearing in our comments sections from sites that link to our posts) because a lot of trackback pings now come from spam blogs and other worthless sites. If you linked to one of our posts and want to let us know about it, please leave a comment containing a link to your post.

3 thoughts on “Trackbacks”

  1. I wish it were done by people — then there might be less of it. I think the spam is almost all done by bots. The blog is worth spamming because it’s been around for a while and has many pages and links, and therefore a high Google page rank for some search terms. This attracts spam. If your link is related to a search term for which our blog has a high page rank, and you can get your link onto our blog somehow, your link will show up higher in search results than if you publish it on Joe’s Spam Blog. I get emails occasionally from people who say they will pay me to publish their text ads (usually something like a link to a site listing Chicago real-estate agents or something similar). That’s not quite spam, but it’s the same idea of exploiting our high page rank for particular search terms.

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