Kilcullen on TV

Kilcullen, the Australian adviser to Col. Petraeus, has been mentioned several times here. His television appearances lately include an interview with Charlie Rose and a panel discussion with Ali Allawi (former Iraqi Minister of Defense and author of “The Occupation of Iraq”), Jon Lee Anderson (“The Fall of Baghdad”), Phebe Marr (“The Modern History of Iraq”), and George Packer (“The Assassins’ Gate: America in Iraq”) at the New Yorker Festival. Played twice this weekend on C-Span, it will be repeated tomorrow morning at 6:00 EST. Packer’s profile of Kilcullen demonstrates the New Yorker‘s encouragement of a certain interesting style and its willingness to give a writer space. Earlier references from the extraordinarily knowledgeable Zenpundit: Cutting Edge Military Theory: A Primer (Part I.) and Colonel Kilcullen, the “Surge” and The Guardian

3 thoughts on “Kilcullen on TV”

  1. The Charlie Rose website has an archive of interviews with lots of interesting guests, and they’re free for the watching and ready when you are. I watched the Kilcullen interview and a General Petraeus interview about two weeks ago. Both are excellent, especially the Kilcullen interview. He’s a very insightful guy and I can see why the generals want him around.

    Charlie Rose, along with CSPAN, hosts the best interviews with the widest range of guests I’ve ever seen. They’re both national assets in an otherwise bleak media landscape.

  2. Nice to hear your voice. Yes, Rose let’s people talk. He is often precious in that PBS/NPR way and his bias is one I find unattractive – but at the end of an hour, I’ve learned something.

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