Keeping Portland Weird

I recently relocated to Portland and there’s a lot of interesting stuff to see and do here, along with annoyances.

Pug AT AT at Star Wars Pug Parade in Portland

I went to a Star Wars themed Pug Parade at a local brewery and this pug dressed as an Imperial AT AT was my favorite. I love the dog’s shy look as it was lavished with attention.

Didgeridoo Band
Didgeridoo Band

This guy plays an amplified Didgeridoo along with a drummer and while it is amusing for the first few minutes it gets old quite quickly as the low drone buzz reverberates through the neighborhood.

Barlow Gin and Tonic
Barlow Gin and Tonic Portland

I ordered a gin and tonic at a local artisanal bar over happy hour and this is what I received, quite different from my expectations of clear liquid with a lime. But it was quite tasty!

5 thoughts on “Keeping Portland Weird”

  1. I’m going to be near Portland in July. My step son and his family live in McMinnville and we are going to visit. If we fly, we will go into Portland but we may drive.

  2. Remember that amidst all of the experimental street culture and genuinely enjoyable sights you are surrounded by people who called for the FBI to exterminate the men at Malheur, and who celebrated with bloodthirsty glee when Robert Finicum was gunned down. That the men involved acted like idiots is almost beside the point. Look at the understanding and sympathy that these same people lavish upon Black Lives Matter, with their habit of street violence and vandalism and of taking over public spaces as their own private kingdom.

    These are the people who appointed a government who granted drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens, the better to displace and disenfranchise you. These are the people who are rabidly for gun control and all manner of statist nonsense. They are no different from their counterparts in LA or the SF peninsula. And they are not nice people. Enjoy, but maintain a certain cool distance intellectually and morally. Remember where you are.

  3. Beautiful country for sure. Great place if you’re interested in horticulture. I understand that the interior and Eastern part of the state have significant cultural differences to Portlandia. I’d love to visit again someday, but I’m like Phil, I’ve had enough of prog towns for residence.

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