Bill Whittle is Brilliant

If the GOP leadership have ten brain cells between them, Reince Priebus would be back in private practice and Bill Whittle would be chairperson of their party. But back in the real world, that might cut into the graft coming from Alphabet Street lobbyists. And that’s really why they’re there.

His insights on the importance of gaining a persuasive voice in the pop culture and reimaging and repackaging the classically liberal, libertarian message are incredibly important.

8 thoughts on “Bill Whittle is Brilliant”

  1. I like Bill Whittle very much, and agree with basically everything he says. Except on one point. What on earth does it have to do with the modern Republican party? They are virtually indistinguishable from Democrats.

  2. I agree. But for the moment it’s the best we have. And FWIW, the spectrum off the two parties is vastly different. You don’t see radical Republicans disrupting speaking events, calling for the suppression of reasoned debate, asking for special privileges, etc. And at the state level, many of the Republican governors and legislatures are doing a good job.

    You should watch the video if you haven’t. He’s got some incredibly insightful points to make.

  3. Well, it might have something to do with the republicans because that is where a good portion of the conservatives are as opposed to the democrats were there are so so few that one is hard pressed to find them. There are also many who are independents, but that doesn’t produce much in the way of viable candidates with a snowball’s chance in Hell of being elected. Their candidates (named as third party candidates) can and have tipped the election results in favor of the progressives. The most likely route to flip the country may be to first flip the republicans rather than start over.

    I know that a conservative/libertarian third party could possibly emerge with enough power to take the place of the republicans (especially given the Trump candidacy), but that seems to me to be unlikely. Further, the struggle between the two would likely cede the control of all levels of elections to the democrats for a long time with further erosion of liberty that might prove largely irreducible. A significant third party libertarian/conservative presidential candidate this year could certainly hand the presidency and congress to the democrats as the opening salvo in such a war. Perhaps Bern it down Sanders as a third or fourth party candidate could likewise stir the pot from the left.


  4. I think a better plan is to support change in the Republican party. You can create great change over a generation if you stay at it. But I agree that the state of the party at the federal level is pathetic. Cowardly and corrupt.

  5. It would be useful to make a list of the most common false narratives played out that are presented to us.

  6. Why don’t you do it, David. Sounds like an exercise in flagellation to me. But keep us posted.


  7. Since that is one of the key subjects of this talk, and more importantly, Bill Whittle’s counters to those ideas, I think it’s a start. It would be more effective to do what Bill has done, lay out the narrative, then lay out a simple but effective counter. You don’t win without effective counterfire.

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