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  1. Capitano is obviously not attuned to a bit of socially aware installation art when he sees it: Black Only juxtaposed against White Only. Clearly a commentary on the subtle, widely unnoticed racism that permeates western societies like a cancer, eating those societies alive from the inside out…

    Or, maybe not. You decide. It could mean a lot of things.

    How’s that for eschewing ambiguity?

  2. What’s the big deal?

    It ONLY says ONLY in both black and white.
    It says ONLY in both black and white.
    It says ONLY in white, with ONLY in black on top.
    It says ONLY in black, and ONLY in white beneath.
    In Black and White, it ONLY says ONLY.

    It clearly says ONLY in white, and appears as if someone deliberately painted ONLY in black.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    “unnoticed racism that permeates western societies like a cancer”

    In my opinion, I believe racism permeates ALL societies like a cancer, not only western.

  3. The photo captures the dilemma of error correction where the medium is reflective, weatherproof paint on asphalt — probably a bike path. The more subtle sub-theme represented by the blacked-out version points out the futility of thought control by a totalitarian government — as you can see, it was illegally painted by non-union workers and therefore was obliterated…sort of.

    Henry Cho is a very funny comedian; the j-only b-only bit was just a bonus.

  4. JoseAngel: you omitted most important message – there is an invisible ONLY in grey on grey, representing Jewish cabal of world conspiracy.

    Capitano: I believe you that Mr.Ch’s funny, but could you pinpoint for me an exact instance when it occurred in the linked video? I couldn’t understand a word. He must be speeking Zealandian. New and/or Old.

    Jonathan: Exactly!

  5. Tatyana —

    Henry was raised in Knoxville, TN and his Southern accent, while challenging sometimes, is part of his charm and obviously a big part of his act. But I agree his listening audience would benefit from subtitles — even those of us attuned to the accent.

    I missed the gray script also. I guess I need re-education or whatever brain cleansing is in vogue these days for matriculating college students.

  6. Tat and Capitano -whutchy’all talkin’ bout? Henry’s clear as day.

    Sadly, I grew up with a number of people like JB. “Yuren’idiot” was a common phrase.

  7. Tat – the three ugliest accents in the English tongue are Long Island, New Jersey, and Cockney.

    I have the NY / NJ ear infection, too. Get it treated, it won’t go away.

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