Is Trump Losing It ?

This has been a “bad week” for Trump. What it has been is a week of unrestrained hatred by the left wing media.

First there was the the saintly Khan family, which is being lionized by the left. The son was killed by a car bomb by another Muslim. Donald Trump opposed the Iraq War.

Mr Khan also has been accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood agent.

Khan is a promoter of Islamic Sharia Law in the U.S. He was a co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law (Islamic Sharia). Khan’s fascination with Islamic Sharia stems from his life in Saudi Arabia. During the eighties Khan wrote a paper titled Juristic Classification of Islamic [Sharia] Law. In it he elucidated on the system of Sharia law expressing his reverence for “The Sunnah [the works of Muhammad] — authentic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).” A snapshot of his essay can be seen here:

I don’t know how valid this is but he is certainly a supporter of Islam and is attributing to Allah, Trump’s “mistakes.”

The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.

The Khan imbroglio was not the only controversy. Nude photos of Trump’s wife, Melania, appeared all over the internet. This began during the primaries, which Trump attributed to Ted Cruz.

Now, her immigration status is being questioned.

But immigration attorney Michael Wildes, who worked for the Trump Organization, told Univision that the GOP nominee’s wife obtained the green card in 2001 “based on marriage,” though she did not marry Trump until January 2005.

I have no idea where this is going but “immigration lawyers” will no doubt make a big deal of any issue they find.

There was a “crying baby” issue raised by leftists until they were forced to admit it never happened.

The enterprising fact-checkers at the Washington Post tracked down two sources — an eyewitness to the proceedings and the mother of said baby — and determined that Trump was, in fact, telling the truth Friday about how he treated the bawling infant.

The media has been cheering the news that Hillary widened her lead in polls.

However, more recent polls suggest the lead has returned to a tie.

What now ?

Trump has to get his campaign back on track. Everybody knew the media would demonize him, just as they demonized Romney in 2012.

NPR didn’t like his speech on Economics much, although they did provide a transcript.

He has made a gesture toward Republican unity by endorsing Ryan, McCain and Kelly Ayotte although I doubt voters care much about this.

I think McCain might lose his primary and I have donated to Ryan’s opponent in Wisconsin. Now what ?

The Hillary campaign is still worried about an “October Surprise” and her lies have kept the issue of her trustworthiness in public view.

Another terror attack would probably elect Trump. At present, I think it is a tie and we will see what happens.

It continues to be a wild ride.

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  1. Michael Kennedy:
    “First there was…the saintly Khan family, which is being lionized by the left. The son was killed by a car bomb by another Muslim.”

    Trump responded wrong to the Khans, but the Khans are wrong to support the Democrats who spoiled CPT Khan’s mission with the OIF peace operations. The OIF Surge upheld, but then the Obama administration, including Secretary of State Clinton, wasted their son’s sacrifice.

    That being said, your post omits the most damaging part of Trump’s “bad week” for the non-Left audience, the connection drawn from Trump to Russian propaganda and advocates inimical to American leadership of the free world, eg, John Schindler’s

    In that regard, Michael Kennedy:
    “Donald Trump opposed the Iraq War.”

    With the drum I beat on my hobby horse, Trump’s connection to Russian propaganda was evident the moment he stated his position on President Bush’s decision for Operation Iraqi Freedom, which manifested the paradigm of American leadership of the free world opposed by Russia – Trump’s view tracks with Russian propaganda based on blatant legal and factual error.

  2. The Russian connection I think is bogus. His comment about “If Russia has Hillary’s emails” was taken completely out of context by Democrats who implied he was asking them to spy on her NOW. It was a sarcastic comment about her deleted emails from two years ago.

    Hillary has some pretty good evidence of a connection with the sale of 20% of US Uranium deposits. She was the one with the “Reset Button” that wasn’t.

    Trump may want to defuse the new cold war that Hillary is stoking. I agree with him on Crimean, for example.

    Ukraine is corrupt and, while I think they should have the right to their own rule, they have done a much worse job than Poland.

    He is also correct about NATO free riders.

  3. The MSM is corrupt beyond reforming. It has been since Woodward and Bernstein were glamorized over their dubious “deep throat” investigative journalism hokum of the early 1970’s. All of the sudden journalism schools were filled beyond capacity, with aspiring Woodwards and Bernsteins looking to change the world with by exposing all the bad people like Nixon and his henchmen, Halderman and Erlichman. Meanwhile journalism schools dropped an standards they had to crank out eager beavers looking for fame and fortune sensationalizing and fictionalizing events in the expectation of a fabled Pulitzer. All of the sudden reporters demanded by-lines and publicity support from their “news” organizations. In addition, formerly hard-nosed editor types began retiring to be replaced by nurturing, politically correct hand-holders looking for security in their jobs working for the new Wall Street media conglomerates whose management treated the news department as just another profit center and news as just another product to be peddled to various reader demographics. Throw in the liberals lack of respect and interest in the truth with the fact they dominated news organizations pretty much from top to bottom, and you have the present mess: no standards, no objectivity, few facts, and lots of biased journalism. Welcome to ABS, ABC, NBC, NYTimes, LATimes, Chicago Tribune, Wapo, and on and on, ad nauseaum.

  4. Eric, I wasn’t agreeing with Trump about the Iraq invasion. We have discussed that before. I was only noting that Khan was supporting someone who voted for the invasion against someone who had not.

    Now, it looks like Hillary may be in even more trouble over the secret e-mails.

    It would appear possible that discussion on an unclassified — and quite possibly hacked — email system about a person who was hanged as a spy will have a chilling effect on others who might want to engage in espionage for the United States.

    Amiri disappeared while on a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in 2009, but he then resurfaced a year later in the U.S., where he visited the Iranian interest section of the Pakistani embassy and demanded to be sent home to Iran. While Amiri told reporters that he was held against his will by both the Saudis and the Americans, U.S. officials said he was receiving millions of dollars for information he provided about Iran’s nuclear program.

    The scientist shows up in Clinton’s emails back in 2010, just nine days before he returned to Iran.

  5. I think it was to be expected. Lest we forget, Mitt was vilified and demonized by the pathological left and the media, and he was practically a saint.
    I’m not sure it matters what Trump says or does. What we do know is that being wonkish, refined and above it all gets you exactly nowhere.
    I don’t know what is going on. I live an hour north of Boston. I’ve seen few yard signs and fewer bumper stickers, Trump and Bernie having the edge. Everyone I work with is close mouthed. I wonder if Tumpsters are participating in polls, ala Brexit.

  6. Do you live near the guy who caught his neighbor defacing his Trump sign ?

    She almost ran him over when he caught her.

  7. We were talking about this Saturday morning, while walking the dogs – and one of our distant neighbors went and let her two dachshunds out so that they could meet their dog-friends again … we got to talking about politics, after a gingery feeling-out. (Really, should we just establish a secret conservative hand-shake, and a password or two?) Among other topics, we talked about how very few visible yard signs and bumper-stickers we had observed. One or two neighbors had Bernie signs, one has had Obama stickers from the last election on their car. Three or four more had Ben Carson yard signs from way back, and we know for sure that one of those people were Tea Party from way back. But otherwise — nada. We pretty much agreed that it’s because things have just gotten so nasty and hostile – no one wants to risk having their car keyed, or signs stolen or defaced, or risk being screamed at by partisans on either side, or starting a neighborhood feud over political matters.

    Neighbor is Hispanic, retired military spouse. Freely ventured how worried she is about how bitter the racial/ethnic polarization has become; she fears that the Anglo (in Texas this means white) element will become so pissed off about being constantly accused of racism, that there will develop a quiet trend towards Anglo re-segregation. Food for thought, anyway.

  8. Same here, in the Puget Sound- I saw lot’s of Bernie stickers, a few Trump signs (mostly huge, on the sides of pickup trucks with big flags), and absolutely NO Hillary signs or stickers.
    I would not put up a sign or a sticker on my vehicle for precisely the reasons you state. of course, here my views make me a pariah to the majority.

  9. Next weekend I will be attending a birthday party for an in-law, who is British. Several of her family are over and I am so curious to hear about Brexit from people on the ground. I wish I’d thought to ask them to being me some souvenir posters.

    I think it might be a mistake to think this election is …….ALL…. about Trump, granted few could have stood up to the onslaught and he could self fund. So as much as this might be about Trump, it is also about the Middle, those being squeezed between the “Takers at the Top” and the “Takers at the Bottom”. If there were any candidates sympathetic to the Middle, they were ham strung by not selling out to the Globalists and the Financialists; so the self funding was key.
    We ought to be forever grateful at how Trump pulled back the curtain and held up a mirror, whether he meant to or not. Many have been left out of whatever passes for a recovery despite all the Happy Talk about how much better off they are. They aren’t, and they know it, despite their betters trotting out all their statistics. [BTW, thanks MK for sharing the link to the Goldsmith interview]There is no national political figure, on the horizon, that doesn’t offer more of the same.
    It’s understandable that Conservatives are indignant that Trumpsters aren’t endlessly nattering on about the Constitution. But, these abstractions don’t mean much without stable, grow the pie, meaningful employment and a FUTURE for their children. They want to work and contribute; they aren’t interested in subsidies and handouts or they would be voting for the Bernie cargo cult. I can’t explain how Trump became their champion; I suspect that there is a lot of projection involved, like there was with Obama. Whatever comes of the Trump candidacy, I can’t unsee the casual bigotry and malice expressed toward regular working people and the deliberate misrepresentation of their motives.

  10. Trump’s ties to Putin seem tenuous and contrived at best. Maybe someone who worked on his developments possibly knew sombody else who did something once, yada, yada, yada… there just isn’t anything of substance there.

    It’s true that Trump’s campaign manager Manafort worked for Yanukovych in Ukraine, but, according to the New York Times article Schindler linked to, Manafort advised him to join the EU and turn his back on Putin. Manafort quit when Yanukovych didn’t take his advice. Hardly a smoking gun. In fact, just the opposite.

    Anyway, things are coming together now for the GOP. Jeb’s son is publicly supporting Trump in Texas

  11. Sarge,

    Except for those of us who are active in politics, it is much the same here in Colorado. People don’t want to be publicly identified with Trump because of the threat of violence or job loss, from Democrats and from the GOPe. But there are a lot of them.

    Shortly after the first “immaculation” of Buraq Hussein, on a whim [and a sick sense of humor] I made a T-shirt with the picture of Obama as the Joker and “Why so Socialist” [wife hates it, as it IS hideous]. Wearing it around town, I was constantly approached by grateful people saying “I thought I was the only one who felt that way.”. One of the tools of a totalitarian regime is making sure that everyone thinks they are alone. So I have been making and wearing political T-shirts [reflecting the fact that I am not a nice person AND my sick sense of humor] throughout the entire regime. And getting a constant good response in public.

    I just made transfers for a “Trump 2016” with the lion logo, an anti-Hillary shirt involving a fallen house and ruby slippers, and one referring to the truth and emails. If someone decides to take me on for it, face to face, I’ll prove I’m not a nice person. ;-) We are possibly going to be doing that soon anyway.

  12. The news and media I’ve seen in Korea and in the UAE has been heavily slanted towards the proposition that Trump is a crazy wild man of no respectability who will plunge the world into chaotic warfare and economic catastrophe.

    And people seem to believe it, especially the Brit ex-pats I talk with.

    Few have an inkling of why any sane American would vote for Trump.

  13. Few yard signs here. A local car dealership had Trump signs out front early on, but they are gone. I think anyone who might have wanted to post them got the message pretty quick, post signs, suffer vandalism, physical violence etc. While law enforcement is still generally effective hereabouts, the specter of the local U.S. Attorney’s office looms large. Anyone interfering with “protesters” will most certainly feel reprisals.

    I have a hunch people are fatigued with everything associated with the regime, the Khan and Silent Bob show included.

  14. “Few have an inkling of why any sane American would vote for Trump.”

    I think Trump and BREXIT are similar themes of resistance to the ruling class.

    I have seen only one Trump bumper sticker in Los Angeles and it was on, of all things, a Tesla.

    It was a bit reassuring to see Hugh Hewitt makes the case for voting for Trump, here and in the Examiner.

    One amusing story was “A former Bush aide supporting Clinton”

    The amusing part is this ”

    Westine, a Republican, is now the president and chief executive of the Personal Care Products Council.

    A lobbyist ! What else would you expect ?

  15. “Lezlee Westine, who served as the Bush administration’s White House director of Public Liaison and deputy assistant to the president”

    Interestingly, the news last week was that Chris Christie’s deputy chief of staff was supporting Hillary and so was Jeb Bush’s top advisor. The media’s full court press against Trump is so thorough that they’re scrounging up every political toady they can find to denounce him. Of course, in Bradshaw’s case the fact that she won’t be around to screw up any more campaigns like she did with Jeb is a big positive for Republicans.

  16. So, back to the post, “What now?”

    More of the same. Trump is just too easy to bait and his reaction greatly distracts from his core message. Suppose for example, instead of reacting to Khan with a slam of the wife he had 1) ignored the partisan attack and let others point out the issues with the family connection to and support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia law and immigration of Muslims, or 2) make his reply a direct comment on such connections as well as a factual statement about the Constitution and immigration to set that record straight. He might even have made mention of Hildabeast’s support for the Iraq war and sabotage of the gains after the surge versus his views.

    So why didn’t he take one or the other course of the action? I believe that he is either poorly served by his closest advisors or he simply is self-programed to react ad hominem. That is nothing different than his pattern in the primaries. When it was he against the other 16, that might capture enough attention to collect an early healthy delegate plurality that was sufficient to best any other the others later in the race. That strategy worked in that situation, but in a two person race across the entire electorate, I think calls for him to focus on his core issues and the Hildabeast’s record and questionable character/fitness are a winning strategy. He didn’t do that inspite of promises, implied and direct. Why? I think it is becoming more apparent (if it wasn’t before) that he can’t- for whatever reason. If he doesn’t change, then he will likely lose.

    His babble about Putin and NATO has greatly reduced his appeal to many on the right. He shouldn’t make such categorical statements as part of his campaign that are easily viewed as threats to our allies and our strategic international treaty obligations. We might not like being the leader of the international scene, but we are the only one that can be effective in that role. Leaving the field open to Russia and China is asking for real trouble down the road. Making our allies step it up is fine and perhaps threatening to pull out of NATO is a good opening position, but not as a campaign policy.

    If anyone is surprised that the mainstream media is going to go after Trump with a vengeance, that was naive at best. The surprising thing to many of us is how easy Trump is making it and how few defenders have stepped up in his defense. Perhaps they don’t see the point if he is bound to keep going down the present path. It has been more than long enough since he wrapped up the nomination for him to have corrected course. Up to this point there is little to cause those who doubt his capacity to do so to reconsider their opinion.

    In my opinion the lack of wide-spread enthusiasm for either candidate has little to do with safety or strident opposition. It is largely due to deep reservations most people have about the two. Many are still dealing with the reality of picking (or not picking) the one they least dislike.

    The good news is that the Hildabeast is permanently damaged goods with more damage to come reference her financially rewarding treason and dishonesty. Think how damaging this could be if Trump did his homework and pitched it factually and specifically. Secondly, it might not be too late for Trump to get himself under control and focused on his core message.

    I think we’ll know within the next two weeks if he can do this. If he shows little change in his message and detailed command of the issues in this race, then it is probably lost barring a catastrophe of huge (sorry, it just fit) scope or an October surprise for Hildabeast resulting from her own past sins.


  17. Mike K.

    It is interesting. Barbara P. Bush [sister of Jenna, daughter of G. W. Bush] is reported today to be a Hillary supporter.

    JEB Bush’s son, George P. Bush [Texas Land Commissioner, which is a major post there and a political stepping stone] has come out for Trump. It could be that the dynasty is trying to play both sides.

    Add in that they finally got their “independent Republican” candidate, a guy named Evan McMullin, that they have wanted for months. Pedigree: CIA, Goldman Sachs, and friend and advisor of Paul Ryan. Can’t get much more GOPe than that. 27 states have closed their ballots. It will be 35 by Friday [and if he makes any of those it means that the official Republican party is working for him and against Trump]. His goal is to try to take enough votes away from Trump [giving the #NeverTrumpers someone to vote for to help Hillary without leaving fingerprints] to throw a state or two to Hillary.

    When this is over regardless of who wins, GOPe fantasies of the Trump vote coming back to the GOPe after a certain amount of begging, are going to be disappointed. Too much has happened, and it is pretty much impossible to tell the GOPe from the Democrats.

  18. After this election the GOP is dead. Maybe in the future it will be called the Trump GOP but the party is over. I see it at Trump volunteer meetings where very few of the volunteers are Republicans and have no patience for paid campaign staff who lecture that we are to support all the Republican candidates. “Where were you in February?” is asked of them and they cautiously admit they were working for other candidates. This paid-for class of party supporters reminds me of the quote from, Godfather II,

    Michael Corleone: “…the soldiers are paid to fight, the rebels aren’t.”

    Without the pay the staff would melt away.

    I think it easier to just be a campaign of one, I tell all my fellow volunteers to forget waiting for orders from on high and just start a guerilla campaign where you take it upon yourself to make it a point to get ten friends or family members to vote for Trump and then ask them to get ten. Forget the silly phone banking and meet and greets that the staffers all swear by, forget the fundraisers and put up some signs that you can have printed on your own. Grab a few like minded voters and stand out with those signs on busy intersections and wave to the traffic. Start a preference cascade.

    As a side topic can anybody tell me whether there is any proof that calling people at home works as a Get Out the Vote mechanism. I can’t imagine anything worse than getting phone calls from strangers telling me who to vote for. Not that I ever answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number and as a further side note what kind of person does?

  19. Death6, I don’t disagree that Trump could have been more agile in the Khan thing. However, did you see his interview ?

    “instead of reacting to Khan with a slam ”

    It wasn’t really a slam. Watch the video. The media jumped on it like this was a pre-planned script, which I suspect it was.

    He has a lot of experience with the media and, while he has not been a candidate, he is being hurt a lot less than many assume.

    “If anyone is surprised that the mainstream media is going to go after Trump with a vengeance, that was naive at best.”

    I think that was a very small group. When has the media NOT gone after Republican ? Maybe 1968 when Johnson was so hatred by the left.

  20. Ol’ Hewitt turned that one around quick. I was a daily listener on my commute, but after his de facto Hillary endorsement, I turned it off.

  21. See what Scott Adams thought about the Khans. Adams has been biased and a little too over-enamored with Trump’s marketing and persuasion, but he’s still been mostly correct so far

    In related news, Trump’s comment on Mrs. Khan’s silence at the Democratic convention made the country go nuts for a week. On the surface, it looked like a terrible week for Trump, as team Clinton successfully framed his comment about Islam and gender into something about their son, which it wasn’t. In the long run, you’ll forget Trump’s insult. But you will never forget the optics of Mrs. Khan deferring to her husband on stage. Short term, Trump got slaughtered on that issue. Long term, Trump has enough credibility with veterans that it won’t matter any more than the McCain joke did.

    But you won’t forget the visual of the Khans on stage, and the husband looking in charge. That will stick with you. It was a gutsy persuasion play from Trump, but we will never know if it worked. My best guess is that the whole situation is just a bump in a long road.

  22. My best guess is that the whole situation is just a bump in a long road.

    I agree with Adams but I think Trump would have done better to stay out of it. He could have said, “They have my sympathy for loss of their son.”

    Then he could have let surrogates deal with the Muslim issue, etc.

    It was an obvious setup and he walked into it. The huge clamor proves it was planned as a trap.

  23. I was a daily listener on my commute

    I was disappointed when he seemed to be going the NeverTrump route but he is a pretty quick study,

    The local station in LA dropped his show in the afternoon in favor of Mark Levin who I can’t stand.

    I guess he is back on in the morning but I’m not driving then.

  24. He is interested in the East Coast now Mike so he is on a 3AM->6AM. Needless to say I don’t listen to him anymore either ;-) I had listened to him for many years, from the days of Emmett the unblinking eye movie reviews…

    If you have a smartphone you can download his app and listen to podcasts a day later

  25. Mike,
    I did listen to his off hand comment about the Khan slam. I agreed with his assessment of why the mother stood by, but thought that that was hardly the main issue with the affront by the Muslim Brother. I have little doubt that she did not write that op-ed piece attributed to her, but without the goods, that is not open for any public comment either. The points that could have been solidly made were drowned out by the MSM hysteria. Trump should have stayed on message rather than getting trapped in several diversions (such as Ryan, McCain,…). These are the kinds of things he seems unable to just shut up about that is making him look petty. The fact that many who find the Hildabeast preferable to him even though they think she is untrustworthy is a real problem.

    I thought his speech today on his economic policy (really his general ideas without the detailed policy to accomplish his stated goals) was the best speech I have heard him give and was delivered in a way to elicit widespread agreement and trust. This is where he needs to live from now on. Please let this be the beginning of something new.


  26. The thing the populace is learning is that second-hand news is really opinion.

    We all have to do as Mike K. did – go directly to the tape and avoid the commentary.

  27. This was on Twitter last night from an account named @HillsMedRecords

    The account was active for most of yesterday. They tweeted the actual documents last night and a few hours later Twitter deleted the account. The person claimed they worked at the doctors office, and when they quit they left with Hillary’s records.

    I would tend to think if it was really true that the doctor wouldn’t put this kind of stuff on paper, but who knows. What do you think Mike? Advancing subcortical vascular dementia.

  28. I looked at that link and can’t tell. Somebody knows the jargon but I would like ti see a test result, like an MRI of her brain which would be harder to fake.

    The election fraud link I couldn’t post this morning is here and it looks like a strategy of the left.

    Big law firms doing “pro bono” work by young leftist associates.

    I am getting less and less fond of lawyers.

  29. I suppose if Trump were to build up a big lead on the polls the DNC would be tempted to declare Hellary unfit and …. and what? What would their options be?

  30. She had one of those mid-speech freezes again today, according to Gateway Pundit. The freezes, the coughing fits, the weird momentary reactions, the guy at her side who may be a nurse-practitioner but who carries an injector … and increasingly – she just does not look well. My daughter pointed out that four or five years ago – she seemed perfectly svelte for a woman of her age, and then suddenly — hideously ill-fitting, boxy coats and tunics.

  31. If that person that posted the medical record, or the doctor, is found dead, you’ll know it’s authentic.

  32. “If that person that posted the medical record, or the doctor, is found dead, …”: I suspect that Trump has been musing on whether he’ll be found dead too. And as he thinks, so does he blurt – hence his musing out loud about Hellary being assassinated. Has the man no filter on his tongue at all?

  33. Don’t hang your hat on the Hildabeast going down for health. I’m sure they have a stunt double already groomed to step in on cue. If she goes down in the middle of an event, they can just hustle her off stage and make the switch. I think it is Chelsea in one of her mom’s pants suits and a wig.


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