1 thought on “He Saw It Coming”

  1. I went to hear Enoch speak in my university union. He was magnetic. But even more impressive was how he handled questions. We were a clever, cocky lot, but he soon impressed us. Someone would ask a question. Enoch would rephrase it, making it shorter and clearer. He would ask the lad whether that was indeed his point; the lad would assent. Then Enoch would answer it. Not dodge it; not attempt to ingratiate himself with the audience; he would answer it. And if his answer first required that he paint in some background, he did that too. The whole thing was a mixture of a public lecture and a series of high grade tutorials.

    He was head-and-shoulders more impressive than any other speaker we had that term, including Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. In fact, head-and-shoulders more impressive than any other political speaker I’ve ever heard. I thought he perhaps lacked a certain human dimension, but intellectually he was the real McCoy. And all done with an old-fashioned formal courtesy.

    What a waste.

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