Contemplating Evita

… Or as I used to refer to Hillary as “Her Inevitableness.” This was back in that campaign season of 2008, when she and the Fresh Prince of Chicago were going toe to toe. I called that contest “Ebony vs Ovary” and regret that such a pithy phrase never caught on in the blogosphere.

Anyway – bend over, for here she comes again, the woman whose main qualification for high office seems to have been in staying married to her horn-dog of a husband who coincidentally was the occupant of the White House three administrations ago. She does not appear to be particularly charming or charismatic, or to enjoy the company of other people, as her spouse did. She also doesn’t seem to have any facility for above-board political wheeling and dealing among parties or individuals of equal standing. She has, however, been very good at ruthlessly manipulating others from a position of strength, in the manner of a Mafia don. She has a long-standing reputation of treating no-name personnel who worked in the White House or the State Department – military, housekeeping staff, and members of the Secret Service – with rudeness and outright abuse.

Increasingly, there are indications that her health is not all that good. She may not be in very good physical shape at all; certainly unequal to the grueling demands on one’s energy and intellectual resources necessary for a successful candidate-driven campaign. Indeed, her campaign thus far is lackluster compared to that of Bernie the Socialist and The Donald. It’s as if she began it determined to only put in the minimum of effort required, on the way towards that inevitable coronation … sorry, swearing-in.

We are in a vacuum as far as polls go; fewer and fewer people want to say to any but trusted friends who they are voting for. Can the polls be trusted at all, even? No one but the confidently confrontational wants to put out a lawn sign, or a bumper sticker on a vehicle, risking petty vandalism at least or a physical confrontation at worst. Yes, she might very well be sworn in as the next president. She has the greater part of the establishment media and a large chunk of the entertainment world in her corner, all elbowing each other in jostling to get closer and kiss the ring, and gain glory in having supported the first woman president of the USA, writing open letters demanding that The Donald fold his campaign tents and meekly go away, leaving the field uncontested. Entertainers and the establishment media count for nothing with those of us who are relatively internet-savvy, politically knowledgeable and on the libertarian-conservative side of the scale. But they do count with low-information voters, and low-information voters in concert with strategic vote fraud might very well carry the day for Her Inevitableness.

And that is when things might really get interesting – especially if widespread voting fraud is involved in Her Inevitableness’ victory. Those who voted for anyone else will be furious, and those who backed Hillary would, I think, be bitterly vengeful. Under a Clinton administration, the vampire squid that is the federal establishment would be jamming its tentacles in everywhere with even more force than in the last eight years; Washington would get even richer, almost everywhere else would get even poorer, desperate, and even more angry. The disastrous international chickens launched by the Obama administration would also come home to roost – I derive some small comfort from knowing that they would roost in the Clinton/Democrat party coop.


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  1. If she wins, I rather doubt we’ll see her last out her term. One way or another, she’s going to meet Nemesis, perhaps in the form of a Federal prosecutor, perhaps in the form of a stroke or other disabling physical problem, or who knows what. Hubris is nearly always answered, and the degree to which Nemesis takes her dark and ironic vengeance is generally proportional to the quantity and quality of hubris displayed. And, the Clintons have shown some serious hubris, over the years.

    Case in point? Look at what happened to Joe Kennedy’s family. If a more poetic justice could have been meted out for Joe’s backing of the Nazis (and, other sins…), I’ve yet to witness it. He had his own daughter lobotomized because she was “uppity” and “troublesome”–When the kid he arguably should have had that procedure performed on was Teddy, he of the abandonment of Mary Jo Kopechne, betrayal of South Vietnam, and who sought the aid of the Soviets against his own duly elected president…

    The Kennedy reputation and legacy would no doubt smell a lot sweeter had that disreputable drunkard, Teddy, been the one with his frontal lobes stir-fried. Doubtless, he could still have gone on to serve in Congress–Just without doing as much damage as he did.

  2. Snort – yes, I have always thought that the saga of the Kennedys of Kennebunkport were like some dreadful, convoluted generational telenovela, where something evil that Old Joe had done, long, long ago, had drawn down a curse on his family, yea, even to the seventh generation. Hubris and nemesis, indeed.

  3. Sgt Mom: I, too, thought highly of that “pithy phrase”. It said so much with such small expenditure of letters. Having learned it from you, I used it in many venues. Alas, it needed more help than I could provide to aid it catching on. I admit a bit of surprise its own power did not do the trick.

  4. Kirk, you forgot to mention Kennedy’s 1965 immigration “reform” that is tearing our country apart.

    Before he came on the scene, we had an immigration system that was largely merit based and favored Europeans.

    Kennedy’s bill changed incentives to “family reunification” that gave us chain migration from Mexico and, lately Central America, with an influx of illiterate welfare dependents,.

    Labour did much the same in Britain with the resulting influx of Muslims and the reconsolidation of Pakistani villages in the Midlands.

    At least Blair had the excuse that they were holders of British Commonwealth passports.

  5. More and more it seems that neither side will abide the other’s victory. There is no consent of the governed at a level where there can be a legitimate government. Colorado is an open carry state, and I find myself carrying more and more often. And if I could afford a decent compact .45 or 9mm, I would have my CCP and carry all the time.

    Know who your friends are. Know who your and your country’s enemies are. Be ready for anything.

  6. Dearie, I think they are both bottle blonds. In youth, Her Inevitableness seems to have been an undistinguished brunette, but over the decades, the blondish streaks advanced, until they took over.

  7. Oh, very nice, Roy – I like it! :-)

    Frankly, Dearie – I wouldn’t care what he did with his hair (unless it was a man-bun and even then THAT would be OK if he moonlighted as a sumo wrestler) as long as he respected the Constitution as the Established Book of Rules for the governance of this republic.

  8. “I couldn’t vote for a man who dyes his hair.”

    And, of course, Reagan’s hair stayed brown. Churchill had lost most of his by the time he was PM.

  9. I think of Herself as Richard Nixon without the political skills or the personal charm. (Also an unfinished term. Nemesis is patient, and often served cold.) The VP candidates may be more important in this election than any since 1960.

  10. Indeed. I personally wonder if “elected”, she manages feminist martyrdom by not making it the two months to the swearing in…

  11. She just does not look good, lately – healthwise, I mean. Not a doctor, and Dr. K (who is!) boggles at diagnosing her from a good distance … but she just does not look like a healthy, energetic, all-together woman of late. If she’s being held together with drugs, duct-tape and the efforts of hovering staff … I don’t see how she can make it through a campaign like this. The stress must be horrific.

  12. As to Subotai’s comment about neither side abiding the other, I suggesting reading about American politics in the 1830 to 1860 period, the Antebellum period.

    Just finished a biography of Henry Clay, for example. “The Great Compromiser” was able to form a coalition with Calhoun and Webster. I don’t see that happening today.

    Ultimately, it may come down to Sherman’s remark – “If war be the remedy of my enemy’s choosing, I say, give it to him.”

  13. Speaking of the doctor’s father who drowned. A friend of mine used to be in the habit of swimming in the ocean in the morning before going to work. He lived at the beach. He was in Hawaii one time and, when he came out of the ocean, Carroll Rosenbloom was standing there on the beach. Rosenbloom was owner of the LA Rams at the time and said to my friend, “It is really a bad idea to swim in the ocean alone. I always have someone with me if I do that.”

    While swimming at Golden Beach, Florida, Rosenbloom drowned on April 2, 1979. He was 72. Though Dr. Joseph H. Davis, the Dade County coroner, stated, “there is not one scintilla of reason to believe this is anything other than an unfortunate accident,” a PBS Frontline documentary called “An Unauthorized History of the NFL” suggested that Rosenbloom, a known gambler, may have been murdered,[15] causing law enforcement to question the case.

    It was about a year later.

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