8 thoughts on “Doggle”

  1. He is a very, very good dog … unless accessible trash is involved. A curious thing about him – he is some sort of terrier, with a very harsh and wiry coat, but no insulating undercoat – so he seems to detest water with passion, and to feel the cold, most awfully. He burrows under quilts and bedding, and sleeps most happily when he is all wrapped up. Wish I could find heavy woolen longjohns for dogs…

  2. Buy a possum-and-merino rug from NZ. Warm as toast – wee poochums will love it.

    NB The aforesaid possums are Ozzie possums that originally escaped from fur farms and are now a pest, not the American creature.

  3. Oh, he isn’t a new pup, Joe – we’ve had him for about three years now. One of the late cats would curl up with him quite readily. He is so desperate to be one with the pack, he tries to join them, too.The present cats tolerate him, mostly.

  4. I lived with a mini pin for 12 years. She was sweet and small, even for one of the smallest breeds. She got cold easily too and I got her a 100 watt heat lamp that hung over her bit of the alcove bench. She loved it and it was the only way to get non lap time in the winter. ;)

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