Seth Barrett Tillman: Two Queries Posted on Conlawprof: Comey, Trump, and the President (with addendum)

I got your revealed preferences right here, pal:

I am wondering if the deeply held views expressed on this list are, in fact, deeply held. Any number of people on this list have expressed the view that Trump is dangerous, and if elected, there is a reasonable likelihood that he will plunge the country into destruction. If you believe that, can you describe what you have done (if anything) to prepare should that eventuality come about? And should Trump be elected, what immediate actions will you take in consequence of those changed circumstances? [Addendum: Have you given a half, third, quarter, yea—even a tenth—of your worldly assets to Hillary Clinton, parties, and organizations dedicated to defeat Trump?] Have you moved any of your liquid assets abroad or into foreign currencies? Have you applied for academic or other positions abroad? Have you considered sending your children abroad to be educated? If you have not done anything to date, and if you don’t have any concrete extant plans to take such actions (should Trump win on November 8, 2016), then should not a detached neutral observer conclude that you do not really believe that Trump is a genuine threat? If Trump is a sociopath, should you not be doing something concrete now, other than writing words on Conlawprof and in other fora?

Good questions.

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  1. What they’re really afraid of is that the unconstitutional administrative power wielded by Obama would fall into unfriendly hands. If it wasn’t Trump, they would be attacking whichever other candidate with equal viciousness. If one person can take office and change things as badly as they say, then the real problem lies in the office itself.

    I’m not completely convinced Trump will make it into office even if elected, but maybe the FBI actions this weekend were partly meant to reassure the country that he will. If he does then one of the good outcomes will hopefully be a bipartisan effort to roll back the Executive Branch’s power and privileges that have grown unencumbered lately.

  2. “the unconstitutional administrative power wielded by Obama” It is disturbing that elected elites haven’t seen fit to impeach BHO. It’s not that his actions and failure to take actions are so bad (they are), it’s that U.S. elected officials have not recognized these things as worthy of impeachment; co-conspirators in breaking the law and breaking oaths made to the people of the U.S. re. upholding the constitution of this country.

  3. Has Canada bothered to prepare draft laws to keep an excess of Trump refugees out? No? Then Canada expects the flow to be trivial. I expect it to be approximately nil.

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