Assorted. Random. That’s the way that things are going. So … in no particular order of importance – are we really-o, truly-o in Heinlein’s Crazy Years? A time when Ted Rall and Michael Moore make sense – hey the odds would have to catch up to them sometime. The choice facing those of us who quixotically vote on Election Day have the unedifying choice between a rich, crude and notably vulgar media personality … and a jaw-droppingly corrupt and incompetent rich professional politician who possesses a vagina.

Well, Blondie and I have already cast our votes, for all the good that may be gathered from them … and in Texas, we do have to show an ID or a voter-registration card to early vote so the odds are that our votes will count for something are pretty good. The whole election thing still hangs over us like Damocles’ sword, so we are both waiting for it to be over, over and done.
Alas, it won’t be over when the results are tallied, and likely protested and litigated over. An apparent Trump victory will be fought against as viciously as the actual election, although I will rather meanly relish the tears of all those media and celeb endorsers who went all out for Corrupticrat Possessor of a Vagina, and the spectacle of all those who vowed to move to Canada or Australia or some other place if he is elected. Yeah, I can offer a couple of boxes for you and a roll of bubble wrap, as soon as your visa is approved.

And if Corrupticrat Possessor of a Vagina is elected – and very possibly by hook, crook and stuffed ballot-box – then Katy Bar the Door. I did not believe that this is Argentina and she is Evita, but it appears that the mainstream national press is totes OK with that concept – as has been revealed by the drip-drip-drip of the Wikileaks emails. The tight relationship between the Democrat Party and the mainstream national press is not just incestuous … it blasts all the way to Petronius’ Satyricon/Eyes Wide Shut full-frontal orgy with none of the naughty bits pixelated out.

Every bit of underhanded shenanigans perpetuated by the Ruling Uniparty to hand the election to CPoaV will be resented, revealed, and condemned – and if not (which is likely, given the unholy alliance between the Uniparty and the mainstream national press) will be resented in sullen silence, especially among those who perceive that their honest votes were disregarded because … the Uniparty ordered it be made so. The appearance of consent must be manufactured, over and above the objections of those asked to consent.

The big losers tomorrow … aside from the candidates? The establishment national press and their various organs and individual personalities of note who have gone all out for CPoaV and forfeited their long-claimed credibility as an even-handed source of unbiased news. No, the major news and cultural establishments are as biased as all hell. Serve them right, if they should be seen truly as they are – as the propaganda arm of the Ruling Uniparty and that we should stop paying them any mind.

Once our vote has been expended, that’s the last power that we have – that of our pocketbook. The fellow-travelers of the Uniparty in the media and entertainment complex cannot force us to watch their TV programs … their movies … purchase their books and magazines, go to their concerts, and read their websites. Unless they have a dreadful 1984-type vision going on, where the approved media is piped into our residences 24-7 and cannot be turned off.

Discuss and commiserate, if you can stomach the prospect.

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  1. We will be having our last campaign event in my county at 1000 hrs. tomorrow. And hopefully another “thank you” event Wednesday. We are an open carry state, and we may be armed for the thank you event, because the Leftists will be going crazy.

    After tomorrow’s rally, then it will be a matter of waiting, for what happens Wednesday is beyond our ken. We each have our Duty. Many of us have sworn the Oath.

    One of the first Founding Fathers was a lawyer in Boston named James Otis. He kept opposing the Crown in court [especially in the matter of “writs of assistance”], inspired John Adams, and first used the phrase “Taxation without representation is Tyranny”. Finally, the Governor sent thugs who beat him in the street. Crippled from that, he did stay in public life after about 1770.

    Attributed to him is this saying:

    It is all so much simpler than you think. We give all that we have, lives, property, safety, skills . . . we fight, we die, for a simple thing. Only that a man can stand up.

    On our feet.

    SGT Mom, you and Blondie stay safe, and stay strong.

    Subotai Bahadur

  2. Just a slight correction. The above should read:

    “He didn’t stay in public life after about 1770”.

  3. Yesterday I got so tired of being pressured by friends to vote for Hillary that I decided to reread, quietly and over the course of two days (whenever I had a chance), Citizens United and Heller. If anyone wants to talk to me about who I am voting for and why, I will be happy to discuss those two cases with them.

  4. “… that’s the last power that we have – that of our pocketbook.” Except, Sgt., the precedent of Affordable Health care has shown us that what one has in his pocketbook is not really ours. One is simply temporarily keeping the money for the government to spend as it sees fit.

  5. I’m good to live in an Irish Democracy with an obdurate, uncooperative population, and a grey economy. The “Takers” won’t respond til this all bites them in the pocketbook, even elections won’t have much effect. Support local businesses, use cash, withdraw from social media, resist using rewards cards……maybe even avoid toll roads, if you can. Looking at our youth, this will have limited impact, however. In the meanwhile, they control the grid, energy, transportation, communications, NO? Detection technologies and counter measure technologies (like say to an IED) are continuing to evolve.

  6. “A time when Ted Rall and Michael Moore make sense”
    Only accidentally and for the wrong reasons: Ted Rall has not stopped thinking (and saying) that everyone to his right is stupid and evil. Nor has Michael Moore rejected the leftist delusion that has warped his life.

  7. Dearie, it is the A 10 vs F 35 all over again. Bill Clinton was firing $1 million cruise missiles at tents in Afghanistan after OBL’s terror attacks.

  8. We’ll be OK here in Texas, I think. We have, as yet, a fairly sane legislature. and a governor and lieutenant governor who appear ready, willing and able to slap down any federal overreach as regards Texas state soverenity … and we are pretty tight with certain of our neighbors … a good chunk of whom are former military and retirees.
    We did have a couple of tentative heart to hearts with a couple of neighbors who confessed that they were lifelong Dems … but abominated Hillary, and were genuinely horrified at the prospect of voting for her. So here’s to an undetected groundswell. But the ability for Dems to bring in fraudulent votors and ballots by the 18-wheel trailer load is probably not anywhere near impaired …

  9. Some Democrats are announcing that Texas will turn blue this election.

    Austin plus illegals are not enough, I hope.

    Multiple shootings in California at a polling place. One dead. Not certain yet if it was connected to the polling place which was at a school.

  10. Despite the rants of Juan Williams, the scary thing is not Donald Trump; he didn’t begin decades ago finding, encouraging, and paying rent-a-mobs. The scary thing is that California, apparently, has a certain (I assume small) number of citizens who believe the appropriate response to their candidate losing an election is a loud and violent demonstration.

    But despite that fact, Trump’s speech was truly lovely and the gestures appropriately presidential. Maybe this whole thing is going to work out after all (and despite the rent-a-mobs, the absurd punditry, etc.).

  11. SGT. Mom and Michael Kennedy:

    Damn! We are still standing. ;-) Winning does not feel real, since we have been losing battles large and small for so long, and been so consistently betrayed by those who believe they are our leaders/rulers. It does feel good.

    “It may not be the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning.”

  12. Mike, S Mom, Subotai: When a major part of winning hinges on an opponent losing, then we won. No debate that stopping Hillary from a (sorry) huuge list of actions counts for much. But the real indication of whether we won or merely slowed defeat will show up in January.

    Meanwhile, I note that the (relatively scarce) yard signs did turn out an accurate prediction of how a given state would vote. The states I crossed in rural areas off interstate (OK, MO, KY, WV, VA, NC, GA, AL, LA, AR)all voted as those signs suggested they would. (On interstate and in the dark while crossing SC, so did not see yards.) Makes me wonder what I would have seen had I driven across AZ or MI. And makes me wonder what will come of the desire expressed by the “Hillary for Prison” signs I saw in multiple states.

  13. I know – deep sigh of relief, and a sincere hope that Trump will be all that he has promised to be on the campaign trail. Cynic that I am, if even half of what he has promised comes to fruition, than I will be happy with that. The enthroning of the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua was just to awful to contemplate. I did not want to see this country spiral into being a nasty banana republic. I despise oligarchies – mostly because it eventually results in the desperately unfit elevated to positions of power because of their ancestry. See Charles II of Spain –

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