4 thoughts on “Seth Barrett Tillman’s Pre- and Post-Election Coverage on Irish TV & Radio”

  1. I clicked through to see what was at the link, thinking I would just get a taste. I listened to the whole interview at the first link. What a pleasure to find a discussion of Trump that avoided hysteria. Mr. Tillman managed repeatedly to draw the conversation back to the realm of the reasonable.

  2. I watched a portion of these. I continue to be amazed at the abject ignorance about America on the part of so many liberals in Britain and Europe. As a group they seem to have bought in to myth that everything here is about race. I guess that the propaganda of the Big Media has succeeded there even more effectively than here.

    My wife and I were in Russia a few years ago and were astounded that educated people (as in University lecturers) truly believed that a quarter or so of US homeowners were in foreclosure and that it was difficult for Americans to get decent food like fresh vegetables. I asked where their news of America came from and was somewhat smugly told “the BBC”. Not about race, but an indication of the depth of misinformation they receive.

  3. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.

    By the way, even when I disagree with Tillman I think he’s worth disagreeing with. I hope he keeps up the good work.

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