Christmas 4: War Toys

One of life’s many disappointments is that my son has no interest in war toys. So, I did not get to relive my childhood vicariously, with green tanks assaulting lincoln-log forts and swarms of plastic green army men pushing the grey plastic Germans back all the way to their doomed last stand in front of the fireplace. Nope.

Hence I had no one to buy these incredibly cool toy gurkhas for.

Oscar Wilde said youth is wasted on the young. Toys are similarly, to a great extent, wasted on children.

(I recently read this awesome book about the real gurkhas, which I heartily recommend.)

9 thoughts on “Christmas 4: War Toys”

  1. I feel for you Lex. If I had a boy, he would be force fed tanks, planes and army men.

    I remember to this day as a young lad setting up elaborate scenes based on real battles with literally hundreds and hundreds of army guys, and olbiterating them with sustained combined arms fire (rubber bands), which would then be turned upon my sworn enemy, the next door neighbor kid (i.e. the Germans). We even replayed Dunkirk a few times, and the entrance to the kitchen was the English Channel that my (wrong) GI Joes needed to get evacuated from with the fleet of small ships (plastic cups).

    Most spectacular was the little Stalingrad I set up with the neighbor, where we made small buildings and caves next to the Volga (large puddle). We blew that up eventually with firecrackers with all of the men inside, which, wasn’t too far from the truth, sadly.

  2. Lex, what about your daughters? maybe one of them (there are three, right?) would like it?

    I know I was so fond of my favorite uncle when I was 9 that I got myself interested in motorcycles, only to be able to sit next to him and hold the tools when he was doing some repairs.

  3. Dan: That sounds awesome.

    Jonathan: The little guy, it is too early to say. He does like to swordfight with a chopstick, so there is hope.

    Tatyana: So far the girls are girlie. We shall see long term.

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