The Holidaze are my time for eating, and this Christmas Eve feast I ate like a king. Actually, now that I think about it, I probably ate much better than most kings of long ago. Here is a shot of the buffet we laid out for our guests. We did a smorgasbord this year – much easier and more mellow than the formality of a sit down dinner. You will have to click to enlarge the photo if you want to follow along with the menu.

Roughly clockwise, starting at top right:
Sour Cream and Chive, and Bacon Cheddar mashed potato balls fried in butter
Cocktail Shrimp
Baked Brie (hidden)
Fruit Salad (for the kids, but the adults liked it too)
Steak Tartare (this is under the plate of cocktail ryes)
Assortment of olives (calamata, pimento stuffed, garlic stuffed) and you can see a hot pepper stuffed with proschuitto and cheese – that pepper was straight from the hand of god, by the way
Veggie tray assortment
On the bottom is a devoured plate of endive leaves stuffed with craisins, shredded Swiss, dressing and apples
Three smoked fishes (with crackers on the side): Smoked rainbow trout, Hickory smoked salmon, and standard smoked salmon
Locally raised (by my employee) ham on sandwiches with swiss on top
My wife’s world famous Swedish meatballs
Duck legs confit with cranberry sauce
Pastry shells filled with two different fillings – spinach and feta and curried chicken

Then came dessert. Ugh.

We had leftovers all day yesterday, and will probably have them for the whole next week as well.

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