5 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 6”

  1. I hate the TV-screen-everywhere aspect of modern life. I always look to see whether there’s a way I can switch the bloody things off.

  2. Times change, styles come and go, but the neo-colonial flourishes like the chair rail never go out of fashion.

  3. Dearieme….hardly anyone ever looks at those TVs anymore, unless there is a major sports event on….There are actually restaurants I avoid because they not only have the TVs, they have the audio on.

  4. I got drawn in by Judge Mablean. A woman visited a taco stand multiple times, claimed she got sick twice yet kept going back, then slimed the taco guy on social media. Taco guy was suing her and I was eagerly anticipating Mablean’s ruling when I was called to see the doc. Damn.

  5. A marked improvement over previous examples. Things are indeed looking up. Make Waiting Rooms Great Again.

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