13 thoughts on “Small, High-Velocity Dogs”

  1. I don’t get it, either.

    Is that urine stains caused by a pack of small dogs? But then why the High-Velocity label?

    Or is it a grease spot caused by a group of small dogs that died when they fell from a height?

    Please explain. It’s driving me mad with worry over the dogs!


  2. I would guess that the two pairs of parallel streaks (one tanish, one dark-brownish) that the women appear to be looking at, are the dogs – moving so very fast that they appear as as a blurr.

    In two places, so they are moving very fast.

  3. I still don’t see anything. Now, I am getting older, but I do have a 19in. 1280×1024 Samsung monitor. Maybe if you put up a higher definition jpg. Even the enlarged version is only 85 KB. Or maybe its just all the years that Rummel and I have spent in Central Ohio.

  4. It might be your monitor but I think it’s probably the way you are looking. It would have been clearer without the wet areas on the patio. Look closely and you will see the dogs and their shadows.

  5. I too can’t see no dogs nor their shadows.
    I thought this is some sort of illustration on Alice in Wonderland, that time she got teeny-tiny – and maybe saw still tinier dogs, so small they imperceptible to our eyes? Anyway, I guess this picture now could be sent to a contempo-art gallery, as it seems to be provided with numerous and unconnected captions.

  6. Now that I know what to look for they’re visible.

    But it’s hard to pick them out against all the dirt and puddles and whatnot on the floor.

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