Are you a White man? Is it funny when you die?

Democrats in a public, political meeting cheer and laugh at the mention of the increased number of white men committing suicide.

The speaker says, maybe I should not say this in public, but when I heard more White men are committing suicide, I almost said “yeah, great!”.

But he does say it, and the crowd likes it, as he knew they would.

The speaker knows that he is talking about a group that has no organized capacity to oppose his despicable, dehumanizing, eliminationist hate speech. Attacking those who are not (yet) organized to resist is easy and fun.

About which other ethno-cultural community is it permitted to laugh and clap when they die by their own hands in larger numbers?

The despair that leads to this horrible increase in suicides is a gauge of the success of the policies the people in this video espouse. They are jeering over a defeated enemy. So for this crowd laughter and clapping is appropriate.

Every other group in American life is now self-consciously tribal, and mobilized to respond to any grievance, real or imaginary.

As noted elsewhere, liberal whites who believe themselves to be post-tribal cosmopolitans are merely a very wealthy and very powerful tribe, with their own rituals of recruitment and exclusion, who smugly believes themselves entitled to rule others.

The last group to self-consciously form a tribe will be non-liberal, lesser-educated, lower status white males. This will happen, and is happening, out of self-defense. This is a very large group. They do not think it is funny when they and their friends, neighbors, classmates, military buddies, coworkers, sons, brothers, fathers, people like them, are reduced to hopelessness and commit suicide in increasing numbers.

The younger members of this group, young white men, the generation aged 30 or so and under, are not easily shamed by accusations of political correctness. They see where this is going. This younger cohort is taking, and will take, the initiative.

The balkanization of America is moving along at an accelerating rate. There is only one domino left. The groups which have been directing their animosity against an inert and un-reacting mass will probably be shocked when they have finally awakened something that can and will push back.

Democrats who disagree with this kind of thinking and this kind of speech should insist that it stop. It is destructive, and it is even bad for their electoral prospects. But they won’t stop it. It is apparently intensely satisfying to enjoy the warmth of in-group solidarity, including expressing contempt for the disdained “other”, including laughing when they die in increasing numbers.

Identity politics is the core of what the Democrats stand for now. It feels so good, to so many people, it is apparently even better than winning elections. It is sick that our politics is reduced to this level. FDR, HST, JFK and the patriotic, civic nationalist Democrats of bygone days are scowling down from that great smoke-filled room in the sky.


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  1. Newton predicted this with his Third Law. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    One example of what is coming if the left does not learn this in time is reaction like this.

    The news media are making a big thing that the man who punched the woman is a “white supremacist.”

    The woman with the dreadlocks was reported to be using a sap glove, which is weighted and intended to cause serious injury.

    Almost similar to the effectiveness of brass knuckles, these weighted knuckle gloves reinforce your fist with steel shot inside the knuckle area. They are an ordinary looking glove that you can wear casually in plain sight without causing suspicion, but secretly have eight ounces of steel shot sewn into the top of the hand and knuckles.

    I am certainly not supporting violence or hitting women but the actions of the left and the absence of any consequence for violence, will lead to more violence. I’m not sure this will end well.

    Look at the arrogant response of the officer in that video.

  2. Mike K I am even more focused on the political consequences, which are likely to be far more important then who wins some minor street brawl somewhere. This is a completely insane attitude to have. It puts people in a corner but they have nowhere to turn except against you. No serious politician, certainly not of the great Democrat politicians of the past to build huge coalitions and one huge political victories, would have dreamed of talking like this.

  3. “the political consequences, which are likely to be far more important then who wins some minor street brawl somewhere.”

    Not to violate Godwin’s law but this is how brownshirts began.

    I think the police are being very foolish to allow the very people who are more likely to support them be savaged by a group of anarchist punks.

    Democrat local politicians, like those in Sn Jose CA, are not very smart and are responding to local voters.

    It will be interesting to see if the present trend to college tyranny over white male students will result in a reaction like that at U of Missouri.

    The freshman class at U Mo is down 23% this year. They are closing dorms.

    That, of course, is a state school.

    Will Yale and Wellesley see any reaction? I don’t know.

    I have a 12 year old grandson and am quite concerned. His father keeps hoping he will be a good enough baseball player to get an athletic scholarship. I am leaning toward the military if that doesn’t happen. It’s a far more egalitarian culture plus the GI bill.

  4. David French, a pretty emphatic #NeverTrumper, has now warned about the same thing I mentioned above.

    We are now teetering on the edge of a truly terrifying incident, one trigger-pull away from a slaughter. Campus and urban progressives have a choice to make. Is this a nation of laws? If it is, then it’s time to grow a backbone, protect free speech, punish rioters, and expel those who disrupt the educational environment regardless of ideology. There should be no more sympathy or leniency for the lawless social-justice warrior than there is for the lawless neo-Nazi. Every single time the progressive establishment ignores, minimizes, or whitewashes leftist violence, it sows the wind. Americans have watched mobs attack police and burn buildings in Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte, and Minneapolis. They have watched mobs riot over politics and free speech in Middlebury, Berkeley, Portland, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Is anyone at all shocked that when the police hang back, others will step into the void? Leftists are fond of saying “violence begets violence.” If we don’t restore the rule of law, we’ll all find out just how right they are.

    Israel has avoided much of this by fighting back harshly. Bulldozing houses of terrorist’s families, etc.

  5. On the other hand JFK (trying to prove his was bigger) put something on the order of 15,200 “military advisors” in Vietnam. And got two guys I knew killed. So f**k the Democrats. If some young guy feels the way I do and takes a bat to the Lefties, TFB.

  6. they have forgotten that white gay men make up a disproportionate number of suicides, so i wonder if they would still be laughing if they suddenly remembered that fun fact

  7. A nation that squanders the vitality, intelligence, and creativity of that large group who has farmed America’s land, built America’s infrastructure and invented America’s engines doesn’t deserve to succeed. And then there are the cultural consequences – art that is dead and deadening. And then there are moral ones.

    I’m afraid we may have a lost generation that doesn’t rebel – the few in Berkeley are surely exceptions. The suicide, cirrhosis, etc. problems indicate an inward turn rather than rebellion. In a very real sense this is a mutilation of the essence these men – one that matches the increasing numbers of girls who are mutilated to “tame” them as well.

  8. The most damaging thing about all this is the lesson that this sort of thing teaches white males. See, the real lesson here is not that white males are bad people who deserve this sort of abuse, the real lesson is that white males were fools to ever take their foot off the necks of the various “oppressed classes”, to include their own women.

    Guess where that is going to lead? The next time ’round, boys, the boot goes back on the neck, and it ain’t never coming off.

    We of my generation bought into the bullshit about peace, love, and amity between brothers. Now that we see what that really means, we’re rethinking the whole concept, and the guys coming up behind us aren’t quite as gullible as we were.

    I don’t see this ending well, for anyone. The reaction to this betrayal of trust isn’t going to be pretty, and I could see some radical changes coming out of it all, especially in the religious sphere. Christianity, in the form of all the progressive churches, has pretty much done all they could to destroy the culture, position, and prestige of the white male in modern American society. This, coupled with the distinct lack of spirituality in modern life, leaves a lot of men looking for answers. There’s going to be hell to pay if some canny Islamoid comes out with a program of offering to put white males back on top of things, and put women and minorities back where they “belong”.

    What really reeks about all this is that the people of good will, of all ethnicities and sexual persuasions, are getting screwed by the current lot of “activists” who’re pushing things so far. We’re all going to get caught up in the machinery of the counter-revolution, and when the pendulum swings back, it’s going to go a hell of a lot further back towards regression than anyone really even wants to think about, right now. But, I see it coming, sure as the next sunrise.

  9. It is late in the day for a reassertion of civic nationalism, the creed I have always held, and the one I will hold to the end of my days. Resisting the further Balkanization of the country is a worthy goal, and we should all try to do it. Sadly, the odds of success may not be very high at this point.

  10. Kirk wrote: “Christianity, in the form of all the progressive churches, has pretty much done all they could to destroy the culture, position, and prestige of the white male in modern American society.”

    I was about to object to this statement, but then I remembered what happened yesterday (Easter Sunday). I’m a white male, 57 years old, and I spent the weekend visiting my 83-year old widowed mother in a neighboring state. I’m not religious, but I agreed to go with her to the Easter morning service at her Episcopal Church.

    Before the service, she mentioned that the congregation has been shrinking “as pretty much all churches are these days.” The turnout was rather unimpressive; the sanctuary was about half full. In Protestant congregations, the Easter morning service usually is the most heavily attended of the entire year. I can only imagine how empty the place looks on an ordinary Sunday.

    Almost everyone there was my age or older.

    But what stands out in my memory is that during the sermon, the white female pastor told an insulting sexist joke from the pulpit. I won’t repeat it here, but it implied that men are clueless morons, and the only way for a man to stop being stupid is for God to transform him into a woman.

    I think I understand now why that congregation is shrinking. It’s a cinch that, if I were new in town and looking for a church to join, hearing that joke would cause me to leave and never come back.

    My father is buried on the grounds of that church. I wonder if he turned over in his grave yesterday.

  11. The trouble with ‘identity politics’ is that you may conjure forth some identity group which decides to smash you. At least I hope that is the trouble with it.

  12. This country is about 20 years overdue for another civil war, and the opponent will be the same as the last one: slavery advocating Democrats. Last time they ran plantations, this time they want collectives.

  13. Here in Toronto, Black Lives Matters took over the Pride Parade, ousting many of the long term white gays in a spasm of PC

    Now, apparently gay men are now officially not oppressed and are oppressors. Which is agreed on by several gay men I know.

    They have trained themselves so well to be SJWs, they happily throw themselves on the Suttee of their own celebration of acceptance. Although there are a number of radical gays who do not like the idea of being accepted, of being main stream

    What’s the point of being different if people accept you? They need to cause offense by their actions and words so they can be offended when others are offended by their actions

    Holger Danske is waking up. All the groups taking the piss because white males are being rolled over beware.

  14. These days I dunno whether to laugh or cry. You really have screwed the pooch with your attempt at society.

    The religion you supposedly espouse, has many good ideas. Love thy neighbor being one. Just implementing that one would help a lot. But no, you are approaching a civil war, so no that’s not gonna work.

    There are fundamental problems with your societal apparatus. The devil take the hindmost attitude is among the most damaging. Those people you assign to the loser category are the very people who elected Trump. You will come to regret that. ;) These people thanks to your laws are heavily armed.

    What could go wrong.

  15. Well, you laughing malicious worm, your thin strip of a country derives 80% of its wealth by selling raw materials to the larger southern neighbor you despise. Most of your population lives within a couple hundred miles of the border. And your own social and political institutions are degrading under an onslaught of left wing BS and barbarian-migration-by-invitation even faster than ours. Toronto has just declared marriage to by a civil contract between any four consenting adults, a sop to the Muslims and queers… and apparently everyone up there is okay with this.

    Whatever we get, you will get much harder, and you will be much less able to cope with it.

  16. “you laughing malicious worm” Nice! But this is inspired:

    “Toronto has just declared marriage to by a civil contract between any four consenting adults”

    Apart from the typo, I hope you did not hurt yourself, pulling that from such a sensitive place. ;)

  17. Mike K commented–
    I am certainly not supporting violence or hitting women but the actions of the left and the absence of any consequence for violence, will lead to more violence. I’m not sure this will end well.

    Well, I am a white male and a nationalist, and I totally support hitting woman back when they hit with sap gloves. Next, kick them when they are down. Wake up, cuckseratives, we are in a war, and in a real war, THERE IS ONLY ON LAW–DESTROY THE ENEMY. Blacks, Latinos, and Statist whites are the enemy of civilization–treat them as such.

  18. I know too many Blacks and Latinos who are not enemies of civilization to agree with you. I even know some statist whites who are not.

    Civilization has enough enemies without imagining it to be worse than it actually is.

  19. Western Civilization is a mixture of ideas – including some religious ones. The rule of law knows no ethnicity or gender or class.

  20. Well, this is fine. We have a snide giggling Tory who never contributes anything except snark and vitriol and a white supremacist who openly espouses race warfare, all in the same thread.

    Mom? I am against creating an intellectual or political bubble for myself or any community of which I am a part. The only user I ever blocked on Disqus was somebody who threatened my life when I told him plainly that if I ever found a gelded man in a dress trying to pee next to my daughter I’d feed him his teeth. But God damn it, we need some QA around here. You either start policing the ranks a little or the quality of this site and its discourse is going to go downhill very very rapidly.

  21. Friggin numbskull is what he is. Congratulations you hit a girl. Start the ticker tape parade.

    Did you just assume the gender of the protagonists? Wow, I didn’t know that bigoted Nazis were allowed to post here!

    Seriously though, we are all beyond good manners at this point. The Left have wanted us and our children dead, or at the very least tax farmed and humiliated to the point of suicide, for decades and all the worthless old fart cuckservatives, who claim they never noticed this until recently, have to offer are pleas for politeness, decorum, and race blindness. Good grief they are pathetic. At some point you have to fight back. Conservatism in the rear view mirror is increasingly looking like a 50 year excuse for cowardice.

  22. “You either start policing the ranks a little or the quality of this site and its discourse is going to go downhill very very rapidly.”

    I have neither the time nor the desire to babysit the comments

    I prefer not to delete comments, even very bad ones. My instinct is for free speech. Obvious trolling should be ignored.

    Comment Policy Paragraph 5 is pertinent,

  23. [i]They have watched mobs riot over politics and free speech in Middlebury, Berkeley, Portland, Chicago, and Los Angeles.[/i]

    Because that is where Leftists can expect the police and courts to protect them should their victims fight back. Notice the lack of Leftist riots at say, Texas A&M.

  24. I’m sorry but the terribly threatened white males just crack me up. Talk about a first world problem.

    As for your civil war, well that’s up to you. I will be watching and probably laughing, but none of this is my fault.

  25. This white man had a real problem:

    Leftists, in a similar tactic as Islamic terrorists, send their dopiest women and children to the front lines to be sacrificed for the cameras while they do their real damage hidden in the shadows.

    The same thing happened with the campaign to make Americans dependent on drugs. The government had never trusted veterans returning from war, so they devised ways to tranquilize and neutralize them. It was so successful that they unleashed it on the unsuspecting general public. Now here we are some years later wondering why vital white men killed themselves with the remainder prancing around the streets flailing at girls.

  26. for decades and all the worthless old fart cuckservatives, who claim they never noticed this until recently, have to offer are pleas for politeness, decorum, and race blindness.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that use of that term reflects mostly on the sexual fantasies and frustrations of the user, and that seems to be confirmed by the girl punching, considering the revelations about her professional pursuits.

    As for old farts doing nothing about lunatics rambling through the streets, it is precisely because of the breakdown of decorum and custom that we find ourselves in this situation. Left wing loons will come and go, but rediscovering and maintaining our culture will have a much more enduring effect than slugging porn models.

    Edmund Burke wrote this centuries ago about the loons who took over France,

    Manners are of more importance than laws. Upon them, in a great measure, the laws depend. The law touches us but here and there, and now and then. Manners are what vex or soothe, corrupt or purify, exalt or debase, barbarize or refine us, by a constant, steady, uniform, insensible operation like that of the air we breathe in. They give their whole form and colour to our lives. According to their quality, they aid morals, they supply them, or they totally destroy them.

  27. ErisGuy – you have point (and there is plenty of concealed carry around the campus) but Young (the president) just put through another diversity requirement. There are few islands in academia untouched by these trends and if current confrontations are muted by the traditions of a military college, the voices of Berkeley and Middlebury are not absent.

  28. In a state as white as Maine, I would think most members of the state Democratic party would be white males, married to or shacked up with white males, or at least have families that are approximately 50% white males. Sad.

  29. PenGun, the Mayor of Berkeley has now been outed as a member of the terrorist group staging the riots.

    Berkeley has always been a weird place. University towns have tended to be filled with leftists for a long time. I now live in Tucson which has its share but it is balanced with retired and military residents. Berkeley has no such balance except, perhaps, the STEM major students who are almost certainly not interested in these riots.

    The geographic “sorting” has been going on since the 1950s as air conditioning made the southwest more habitable and local taxes and corruption made moving more attractive.

    I do agree that violence will increase as the leftists are finding no legal consequences to their law breaking.

    Today, Ann Althouse has a post on the parole hearing for a 60s radical who was involved in multiple murders of police officers. The NY governor tried to facilitate parole without pardoning her but the parole board turned her down.

    I suspect the backlash against the BLM war on cops and the general level of violence by the left is partly responsible. They are alienating the “Silent Majority” that Nixon appealed to.

    Several of these 60s radicals have been paroled and released from prison but I suspect that tide may be turning.

  30. As Kirk noted: “the real lesson is that white males were fools to ever take their foot off the necks of the various “oppressed classes”, to include their own women.”

    Thinking back, the whole premise was that only white American males were oppressors. Ignored was the fact that ALL humans will oppress others, or at least try to dominate the Others.

    I remember the Yankees driving the civil rights movement in the South. Little concept of the still poorly integrated and still dangerous black population at the time. Integration quickly turned into Black Power and calls for separation.

    As for women, there’s even a word of dismissal for what is proposed of men – uxorious.

    The worst the distortion the worst the reaction. And we’re far gone.

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