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Sarah Hoyt:  Hereditary monarchy, feudalism, and a vicious cycle of crazy….coming soon to a country near you?

Why Danusha Goska left the Left.  Years of observing, and being subjected to, unpleasant and just-plain-nuts behavior.

There has been much discussion lately about the increased suicide rate and addictive behavior among white working-class men.  Here’s a collection of comments to a Huffington Post article on that topic.  (via The Arts Mechanical.)

In her ‘why I left the Left’ post, Danusha described the prevalence of hate, rather than a true desire to make things better, among today’s ‘progressives.’  That hate is very much on display in the Huffington Post comments.

The past of the future apocalypse:  Stuart Schneiderman reviews some predictions of doom from back in 1970.

10 thoughts on “Worthwhile Reading”

  1. It is greatly to Trump’s credit that he disposed of Jeb! and Hellary.

    A long shot: if Prince Harry marries his American girl-friend, could that give him US citizenship? If so, could he stand for Congress? He’s spent more time fighting on the American side in war than almost all of your Congressmen, I should think.

  2. Yes and Yes. But he has to declare, on oath, that he absolutely and entirely renounces and abjures all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which he has heretofore been a subject or citizen, including Liz, scion of our hated George III. Meghan Markle ain’t that hot. And she’s nearly 40. But the Windsors do seem to go for older women.

  3. Re: Harry, I fully expect the Dems to elect an illegal immigrant to Congress at some point in the near future, so I don’t see why he couldn’t just run now.

    Re: worthwhile reading, check out the obituary section in any newspaper in any rural area of the country. Lots of 90 year olds, and lots of 30 year olds. A very strange and sobering bimodality.

  4. Harry is a better candidate for starring in a reality show than serving in Congress, but the way things are nowadays there may not be much difference between the two.

  5. David, that is an excellent and sobering article.

    I am a bit of a Francophile. Don’t know that I will go again. I was there briefly in 2015 on the way to Belgium and Waterloo.

    The past time I saw Paris was quite a few years ago. We were going to go in 2015 but the Chunnel was full of “migrants” so we went to Belgium.

    I’d like to go again but my wife gets sick from air travel. I tried to get her to wear a mask but she won’t.

  6. “Hey as long as those white people keep voting republican they will continue to die off…..
    How stupid could you be….”

    These dumb goofs have been watching fake news for so long they have no idea what’s really going on. Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin have been voting Democrat for decades. That’s why Hillary didn’t bother to campaign there. We had counties in NW Illinois which have been solid blue for as long as I can remember vote for Trump. Even swing state Ohio voted for Obama twice, and what did they get for it? A few years ago 11% of all residents were on some prescribed opioid painkillers.

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