Macron’s advance team needs to do a better job

Macron showed up at a factory, to be greeted by workers chanting “Marine présidente!”

Not that it matters. This thing is in the bag.

After all, both major parties, the media and all the decent people despise his opponent.

The election is little better than a formality … .

Oh, wait …

But …

But, no.

France is not the USA, or Britain.

Le Pen is not Trump or Brexit.

This time the establishment candidate absolutely will win.

For sure. Count on it.

12 thoughts on “Macron’s advance team needs to do a better job”

  1. In 2002 the elder LePen won 18% in the presidential runoff. In 2017 his daughter will win more than twice that. The defenders of the Republic don’t have much time left.

  2. Despite their snark, despite their geopolitical laziness, despite their airs, despite their industrial espionage, I am praying for France — and by extension for the rest of the Continent. A quarter of all French teenagers are Muslim now. You know full damn well what that means.

  3. Macron’s advance team is part of his problem. That and his case of terminal rectal-cranial impaction.

    From what I understand, Marine Le Pen made a surprise visit earlier in the day from when Macron was scheduled to be there. She had a mass rally with the workers. Macron was scheduled only to meet with the Union bosses.

    For some reason, the workers felt dissed. Actually, his advance team was aware enough to add a mass rally with the workers after meeting with the Union bosses, so they tried. But Le Pen had talked about the “elitist” Macron not being willing to meet with the common worker. He was boo-ed, and she was cheered during Macron’s appearance. What I found . . . interesting was in the picture I saw this morning [it was on Yahoo News, but has been pulled from the article] of Macron trying to talk over the boo-ing crowd, and there was black smoke rising in the background. Apparently, some of the workers were burning tires in the parking lot. That is not a friendly sign.

  4. I am hoping Le Pen will do it – but as with Brexit and Trump, the “smart money” thinks she is a long shot.

    If she does win it will sure send a shock wave.

    I did detect a bit of sarcasm in that post ;-)

  5. Yes, some sarcasm. At this point no one should be making rock solid predictions about these elections. I will not be surprised if Macron wins. But this is nothing if not a time of surprise upsets. And Macron does not seem to be a particularly adept candidate. He is fortunate that he is not going to face a more protracted campaign, alone, against the experienced political warrior, Marine Le Pen. It would be foolish to write off Le Pen until the election is over.

  6. LePen will lose bigly. By 20 points, maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more. Which is only 40+ points less than her father lost by 15 years ago. And in 10-15 years her niece Marion will win.

  7. The bar has been set low for Le Pen. After all the fear mongering, all that had to happen after the Brexit referendum and the Trump election was for the world not to end. Since we’re all still here, she now has a good chance.

  8. The fear with Trump was that he would persecute minorities, but we see with his tax plan yesterday that he’s going to do something different. He’s going after rich white Blue Staters with punitive taxation. California, New York, and New Jersey with high state and property taxes are getting hit the hardest. This will hollow out urban areas even more. We might dodge a bullet in Illinois because of our relatively low income tax, but high tax Chicago will get whacked.

    I can just see all the Goldman Sachs guys sitting around the room scribbling it down on the single sheet of paper the night before the press conference, “so those muppets like government let’s see how they much they like paying for it.” “If you like you’re Big Government, you can keep you’re Big Government.” “You didn’t build that… but you’ll sure as hell pay for it!”

    All in all, it was a pretty underwhelming plan except for this big effyou to Hillary voters. I’m skeptical it will save us from the upcoming Fed-induced recession, but it might provide relief for various industry hubs and tech enclaves because of its business tax cuts.

    This certainly provides a template for Le Pen considering France is even more geographically divided than America. It’s ironic that the class struggle the Leftists have pined for going back centuries will now instead be initiated by the Right.

  9. Brian Says:
    April 27th, 2017 at 8:36 am

    If she loses on May 7, what makes you believe that the Caliphate will be having elections in 10-15 years? Seriously, I do not see France avoiding that fate in the next couple of years if Macron wins, and if the French rise up outside the Constitution of the 5th Republic, what basis is there to assume that whatever follows will have elections at all?

  10. “If you like you’re Big Government, you can keep you’re Big Government.” “You didn’t build that… but you’ll sure as hell pay for it!”

    Hugh Hewitt is semi-hysterical about it. He says it will lose Congress.

    I don’t know what is going on with Hugh. I used to listen to him in the afternoon. His interviews were excellent.

  11. >>Hugh Hewitt is semi-hysterical about it. He says it will lose Congress.

    Hugh Hewitt is a practicing lawyer who lives in California.

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