The Most Busted Name in News

Just when I thought the national establishment news media had about reached the nadir of unethical, irresponsible and unprofessional behavior, here comes CNN, the bane of travelers stuck in airport terminals and hapless patients in doctors’ office waiting rooms everywhere. to say, “Hold my beer and watch this!’
I refer to the story percolating out over the Fourth of July holiday, over how the fearless newshounds at CNN tracked down the guy (with the nic of Han*ssholeSolo) who appears to have created the GIF of a pro-wrestling Donald Trump slamming an opponent – helpfully labeled CNN – which the president retweeted late last week, to the great amusement of an audience who appreciates unsubtle humor like that. CNN apparently does not appreciate unsubtle humor, especially when directed at them, and forthwith one of their senior editors, one Andrew Kaczynski, tracked down the possible originator of the Trump/CNN wrestling GIF, and demanded an apology from Han*ssholeSolo. Or else they would – in the charming manner which certain pestiferous and malicious trolls display when it comes to tormenting the objects of their ire – doxx him and allow the flying monkeys of the internet lynch mob get their jollies by making his life miserable. And make the lives of his family, his neighbors, employer, and anyone who could possibly be mistaken for him also miserable. The originator, Han*ssholeSolo, may or may not be a fifteen-year-old, and may or may not have had other more or less embarrassing materiel on his page – materiel which if unsavory enough likely gave CNN leverage against him in making demands in the first place.
So – basically, they coerced an abject apology by threatening to turn the white-hot spotlight on him now and in the future if he doesn’t obey orders to the satisfaction of CNN … and then went right out and proudly announced what they had done to the world. This Andrew Kaczynski, I was reminded, was the one chiefly responsible for siccing the flying monkey lynch mob on Justine Sacco, some years ago. That this whole disgusting matter can be construed as extortion doesn’t seem to have occurred to CNN, although it certainly has to just about everyone else.
And it is just possible that the video materiel of Trump and CNN which Trump tweeted may not be the original material created by Han*ssholeSolo anyway, if this story is correct.
Discuss. Practically everyone else is today, anyway.

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  1. It is important for people to realize that CNN is part of Time Warner, which is being acquired by AT&T.

    There can be negative as well as positive synergies, and continuation of present CNN political directions has the potential of alienating about 50% of AT&T’s current and potential customer base.

  2. The real contest here is between a TV station that doubles as the US version of BBC and informs everyone around the world what Americans think and do.

    This is more than a social media dispute.

    Does anyone wonder why much of the world hates Trump ?

    This is the Deep State and its creature.

  3. As for CNN publicizing what they did, I would refer you to Dr. Strangelove:

    “Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you *keep* it a *secret*! Why didn’t you tell the world, EH?”

  4. Well … they have chosen to pick a fight with Redditors and with 4Chan. May god have mercy on what is left of their shriveled little souls.
    Get stung by a hornet? Why of course, go out and bash the biggest hornets’ nest you can find with a big ol’ baseball bat!
    As I said – “Hold my beer and watch this!”

  5. Sgt. Mom – excellent point! Hadn’t thought that all the way through myself so thanks!

    This crosses the line of the large responsibility of journalism and dives into reckless self interest abusing their large corporate influence over an individual. Had some other news organization pulled this, I have little doubt CNN would be critical. Even if this is genuine, it is definitely bullying – could it be considered cyber bullying in reverse?

    And what is the point? They got an anonymous “apology”. How can it be confirmed? What does that actually prove? CNN leadership lost sight of the bigger picture on this one. Report the facts. Don’t originate them and be the story.

  6. There are also indications that they may have threatened and extorted [words chosen carefully as there is talk of filing criminal charges] the wrong person. There are some critical details that are different between the GIF posted by the White House and that posted by Han***holeSolo.

    Let us ponder, in passing, another concept. This is arguably a violation of several statutes, both Federal and state although the specific state statutes depend on the state of residence of Han***holeSolo.

    Let us say that charges are filed against CNN, Kaczynski, And that as usual our Nomenklatura gets away by invoking the “Connected Persons Clause” of the Leftist Constitution.

    Just which is more likely to provoke real violence against our sacred Democrat Operatives with bylines; a GIF parody of known fake violence staged by the WWF, said Democrat Operatives with bylines proving that they are beyond the reach of the law?

    Purely theoretical question, of course. The peasants will remain totally submissive, at all times and in the face of any provocation. Right up until the moment that they aren’t.

  7. There was reportedly a line at the ‘comments’ microphone at ATT’s recent stockholder meeting, composed of institutional stockholders (read fund managers) asking questions about the CNN purchase, and frequently using the scare phrases, “How does this improve profitability?” and “Who and how is control to be exerted?”
    Supposedly Zucker didn’t have many friends in the room.

  8. Holiday and all: I missed this. Apology for what exactly? Mockery and ridicule? As Bender would say, “Bite my shiny metal ***.” What will CNN do if you decline? Refuse you the joys of CNN? [Gales of Riotous Laughter] CNN almost has the sense of humor of a Moslem seeing a “Draw Muhammed” cartoon.

    BTW, CNN International is more hateful of America than BBC.

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